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Aug 9, 2007 12:19 PM

smoked paprika ?

Where can I find smoked paprika in Calgary? hopefully some place in the sw quartant of the city. I have several recipes asking for it, so far I checked the Polish deli and they never heard of it!!

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  1. Not sure if you have any spanish sources in Calgary, but smoked paprika is often called pimenton, so if you know of a spanish market, check there.

    Here's one online American source I found...don't know if you might have better luck finding a similar source in Canada:

    1. I can give you the name and of a wonderful little shop in Montreal's Atwater Market(I don't know if they have e-mail, but they do speak English). They do have Spanish Paprika(I've bought it there). It is: Douceurs du Marche, Tel 514 939 3902.
      Give them a try, they will likely ship to you via Canada Post, let us know!

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        Try Sunterra - they actually show it online for shopping, so I'm assuming they'd have some at their store in the SW as well.

      2.'s where I get my smoked paprika. They're wonderful.

        1. Cookbook Co. on 10 ave SW carries smoked paprika.

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            Thanks! To the market I will go!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. and the Cookbook Co. also has a stall at the Calgary Farmer's Market, and they carry it there too, sometimes they are out at the 10th Ave location. I'm Hungarian so I have to send boxes of it home.