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Aug 9, 2007 12:14 PM

Looking for decent brunch place - UWS around 90's

Other than the Neptune Room, which is a bit further south than where we want to be, any recommendations for a good brunch place on the UWS, preferably in the 90s? Thanks.

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  1. DH and I really enjoy the brunch at Roth's steakhouse -- good selections, reasonably priced brunch drinks, and usually live music during brunch. They also have outside seating. (93rd & Columbus)

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      Go to the extraordinary Pio Pio Salon on 94th and Amsterdam for INEXPENSIVE chicken, avocado salads, and a huge pitcher of sangria.

      1. re: Will4Food

        No, really, don't go to Pio Pio. The chicken is decent, it's true, but service is dreadful--they have a bad habit of not bringing out entrees for a single table at the same time, so you run the risk of not getting your food until after all your dining companions have finished--and every dish that is not chicken is pretty mediocre.

    2. Great brunch at the Neptune Room around 85 st.

      1. For an awesome buffet brunch, try Turkuaz. Otherwise, I like Cafe Con Leche or Nice Matin - completely different vibes, though.

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          I keep meaning to try Turkuaz for brunch. Thanks for the reminder.

          Agree with Cafe con Leche if you want a low-key place to brunch, read the paper and linger. For a somewhat similar vibe and menu, there's also El Malecon in the mid 90s.

          Acqua in the mid-90s is a good choice if you want more upscale surroundings (tho it can get pretty loud). They have good rendition of baked eggs.

          Acqua and Cafe con Leche both have outdoor seating if you want that. I frankly don't remember whether El Malecon has it.

          And finally, for something more unusual if you eat a later brunch, the outdoor cafe in Riverside Park, across from the 103rd st. dog run, is a pleasant place to sit. The food is typical NYC Parks Dept-run cafe fare (burgers, salads, beers).

        2. Cafe du Soleil, 104th and Bdwy.

          1. Oh--and how could I have forgotten? Gabriela's makes a *great* brunch in a classy-but-laid-back setting, to the tune of banana hotcakes, chilaquiles and agua frescas. It's on Columbus in the lower 90s. There's nicer outdoor seating, here, than at any of the other places I suggested, with a covered outdoor space and a real barrier between seating and sidewalk.