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Aug 9, 2007 12:08 PM

Andy's Orchard: Fay Elberta, Amish Paste Tomatoes [Morgan Hill]

Andy's Orchard has a new selection of stone fruit available this week, but some of the varieties are the same.

Fay Elbertas are still available, though I don't know how much longer they will be; they are one of only 2 peach varieties that were available last week.

This week, Elberta peaches are also available.

Redgold nectarines are no longer available, much to my dismay; some the replacement nectarine varieties weren't ready for prime time Wednesday but I still found a couple varieties that felt right and picked up 4.

Mixed flats of 16 or 18 peaches or nectarines cost $18, which depending on the size of the fruit you select is probably cheaper than buying by the pound but not that different.

I was excited to see a wider selection of heirloom and classic modern tomatoes available this week, as well as the beautiful Romanesco squashes with blossoms attached. Some are grown in Andy's garden, and some are grown by a neighbor who trades tomatoes for fruit. At $1.50 per pound and deliciously soft feeling, these are a great resource. They're riper than I ever see in stores or farmer's markets in recent memory.

One note on last week's fruit: Arctic Supreme clingstone peaches start very firm, but ripened nicely over the next 5 days and were still delicious after I'd eaten all the softer peaches. They definitely improved from the first day I bought them and turned out to be one of the top 2 peaches I bout last week. These were still available this week.

Andy's Orchard
1615 Half Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

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  1. Had some fantastic Baby Crawford peaches there (among others) on Monday of this week... Also tasted a fabulous all yellow nectarine called "Silk Road" - very limited production - I think I heard that they only have 2 trees....

    1. I bought Faye Elberta peaches yesterday as well as Clings. But the Golden Nectar plum has outdazzled them. The Elephant Heart plums are outstanding too.

      1. Today's box price is $20 with slots for 24 pieces of fruit. Baby Crawford, Angelus and Silver Logan peaches available today and several kinds of nectarines. Laroda plums were already gone for the day. No Flavor King pluots yet.