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Aug 9, 2007 12:02 PM

Sawaddee Thai/Sushi in Normandy near 71st st.

Sawaddee (6968 Bay Dr, just south of 71st st.), is a great value, and will give the other Thai places a run for their money. I haven't tried the sushi, but having spent about six months in Thailand over the past two years, I can say they are fairly authentic. The $6.95 lunch special can't be beat!
Dinner selection is a little better, and the portions are bigger and easier to share. The most common way the Thais eat is what we call family style- everyone gets white rice and the larger dishes get passed around so everyone can taste everything.
Has anyone tried the sushi?

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  1. Do they have an authentic Thai menu?

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    1. re: Rimtalay

      yes, the usual suspects (pad Thai and papaya salad) with a leaning towards curries.

    2. here's a write up from the herald from last month. since it's kinda out of the way haven't tried it yet. always end up at tamarind.