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Aug 9, 2007 11:59 AM

Beef Wellington in Orlando??

Due to the show Hell's Kitchen (obviously) I have been interested in trying this dish. I live in Orlando and was wondering if anyone knows of a restaurant in town serves the wellington ala Chef Ramsey.

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  1. i've had the same urge for the same reason! My friend tells me that Fleming's in Winter Park (17-92 and Lee Rd.) serves the dish. Their name for it: Beef Flemington.

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    1. re: britterbeezer

      Great find, thanks!
      Any idea on the price range at Fleming's?

      1. re: mikahound

        Beef Wellington,,Good if its good. Bad if it's not good!

        I would also like to know the answer to this! I worked in a french place up north and the owner/chef was from france. This place had the best BW i ever had. The last time i had it it was in columbus ohio at the rest. atop the nations bank bldg. It was awful,, no gravy and a bad cut of meat. Beff wellington should be served wuth a mushroom tomato puree type of sauce. Let me kow if there is one served similar to this in o-town or around,

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          I haven't actually eaten at Fleming's, but a dear foodie friend of mine gave their Beef Flemington a good review. If you look at their online menu (, it's described as having a "mushroom duxelle."

    2. Properly made Beef Wellington consists of an entire tenderloin trimmed of fat, with a layer of pate -- foie gras pate is the standard -- and a layer of a mushroom mixture. The package is then wrapped in puff pastry, sealed with an egg wash and baked until the meat is medium rare.
      It is served with a Boralaise sauce. French bordalaise sauce is demi-glace with shallots and a red wine reduction and is supposed to include bone marrow for richness, but seldom does.
      There's an American version that is similar but uses garlic instead of the shallots and, to be even more confusing, a New Orleans-style sauce that is butter and oil-based with parsley, garlic and chopped green onions. Obviously that one doesn't work with the red meat.
      I have not had it at Flemings, however their menu online does not mention the pate -- which I believe is a vital ingredient -- and notes it is served with a Maderia sauce, which I believe would be too sweet for the dish.
      Call around to a few of the better steak houses here in Orlando -- or perhaps to either Chez Vincent or Le Coq au Vin --and see if its on their menu and how it is prepared. Truthfully, other than the sauce, it is fairly easy to make. Use frozen puff pastry and individual filets instead of the tenderlon and buy the pate. I would think with a little notice many of them could pull it together.


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      1. re: Bob Mervine

        Boralaise sauce!! Thats it!!

        I 'll try to scout the net for some more leads. Someone somewhere has to serve this!

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          One of my absolute favorites too. Have made individual ones. Pastry got gummy on bottom -- my fault, need remedy.

          Link below (if it works because soooo long) is to UK chefs. The real deal, so to speak.

          (bbc's website has program recipes -- lots of great UK chefs. Gordon Ramsay's recipe for Beef Wellington did not come up -- but many others did. If link does not work, just google "uk food recipes".
          See also:

          Steaks with Sauce Bordelaise recipe

          8 variations came up on Food Network (including one with gorgonzola, and one with oyster pate!):

          Most amazing foodie portal EVER:

            1. re: mountdorahound

              Sorry, no. A little outside my sphere of influence. You might consider posting separately as I'm sure a place that established will be familiar to people in the St. Augustine area. You might also search the board for it or for St. Augustine.

              As an aside, I have had the gorgonzola variation of the dish and I think the cheese is way too astringent for the rich mellow flavors the Wellington offers.