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Wheat Free Birthday Cake

Anyone have any tried and true wheat free birthday cake recipes? A close friend of mine (and a wonderful baker) has offered to make a cake for my daughter's birthday in September so I'd like to find a recipe that does not contain wheat so I can have some, too.:)

I can do other forms of gluten - I seem to react mostly to wheat. When it comes to wheat free baked goods I enjoy those made with spelt the most so if someone knows of a spelt flour based cake that would be ideal.

Of course, it has to be kid friendly as well!

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  1. I believe that spelt is made from wheat, or is a type of wheat.

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      Lots of people who don't do well with wheat do alright with spelt.

    2. Here's a link to a recipe I posted for a flourless chocolate cake. It's really delicious, and I think even the kids would like it if they are chocolate fans. You could frost the top if you wanted, although it is a fairly "flat" cake only about 3" high. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/427644

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        That sounds awesome...
        But, my husband wouldn't be able to eat it. He's allergic to nuts.:(

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          Really the almond flour is to keep the cake from sticking. If you use a non-stick springform pan you could omit the nuts enitrely and just run a knife along the edge of the pan while the cake is still warm to help it 'un-cling' to the sides. Or you could butter the pan and use a non-wheat flour to lightly dust it and prevent sticking that way...

      2. http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y75/...

        Would this work or be too grown up?

        It is eggs, butter, chocolate, and sugar. The recipe suggests whipped cream with it but I serve it with raspberies and a raspberry coulis. If you are interested let me know and I'll paraphrase. It is dead simple to do.

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          That looks wonderful. Bring on the recipe!

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            will tomorrow AM be okay? I am beat tonight

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                Here it is.

                Butter and line a 9" cake pan with a round of parchement.

                Put 14 Tbs. unsalted butter in the top of a double boiler over simmering water. Add 10 oz. dark chocolate, finely chopped. I prefer 70% but if you like it less intense use what you prefer. Stir occasionally until both are melted and combined.

                In a large bowl whisk 5 large eggs with 1 C. sugar and then whisk in the chocolate until combined. Then pour into the perepared pan. Put a larger pan on the middle rack in your oven and place the cake pan in it. Add hot water to come half way up the sides of the cake pan.

                Bake at 350 F. for about an hour to an hour and a half. The cake is done when you can touch the top and your fingers come away clean.

                Carefully remove the cake pan from the water bath and cool on a rack. When totally cooled wrap in plastic and chill anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days.

                When ready to serve run a knife around the edge and invert onto a serving platter. You may have to warm the bottom slightly to get it to release. 12-14 servings

                They suggest whipped cream, I like my raspberry coulis. That is just a package of frozen raspberries whirled in a food procesor. It they are quite tart add a littl sugar and then strain pushing on the solids and dispose of the seeds. When it is for adults I add Chambord to taste to the coulis.

        2. I second the Flourless Chocolate Cake suggestion. Mmmmmm!!!

          1. Nigella Lawson did a cake with almond meal and oranges. I think it was in the Nigella Bites cookbook. I haven't tried it, but I'd be interested if anyone else has.

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              You mean her Clemintine cake. I have made this with great success!
              One bit of advice- use the UK measuremnts (by weight) or the ratios may be way off depending how big your clemintines are.
              You can also sub oranges, lemons, etc... for the clemintines.

              Good Luck,

            2. what about some kind of cheesecake?

              1. does the cake need to be frosted? or a can it be a grown up cake?

                I only know about gluten free, and I tend to make nut cakes a lot. But - Dowd and Rogers cake mix has been hailed as a favorite. It is made out of chestnut flour and I know there are some recipes on the net (chestnut is not a true nut, so it is OK for most nut allergic people).

                I also have some chocolate one's I can post that are wheat free if you would like, but I have to check and make sure they are gluten free.

                One other one is the galley girl pear tart. I have made it gluten free by using a tiny bit of GF flour mix instead of the flour called for.

                Spelt may be a nice bet, but I haven't done that.

                1. I tried this Mock Chestnut Torte from Epicurious for Passover this year, which looks like it should be safe for you:

                  Boy oh boy, was it ever a challenge trying to find a recipe that was pareve AND nut-free (one of the guests has an allergy)... it was an absolute hit, though, and I'll probably be making it again and again. Not a single person guessed that the cake was made from sweet potatoes!

                  I'd probably skip the rum flavouring if it's being served to kids (though it does add a little je-ne-sais quoi) and serve with a berry sorbet or sauce of some sort.

                  1. I have a wheat-free/nut free flourless chocolate cake, but it's a little flat so I would make two layers. and maybe frost with whipped cream!


                    Food Allergy Queen

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                      I just checked out your blog, Kishari - very cool!
                      Your flourless cake sounds awesome, but I'm fearful of making too many chocolate treats for such young kiddies. Would you by any chance know where I might dig up a wheat free sheet cake that's vanilla or some such flavor?

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                        You can get lots of wheat free cake mixes at Whole Foods or like stores. Favorites include Dowd and Rogers and Gluten Free pantry (although I think only the first have broad appeal).

                        Here is a chestnut based recipe that isn't chocolate.

                        The back of the Swan Potato Starch box has an angel food cake that is make with Potato Starch instead of wheat flour.

                    2. Too late now, I realize, but a future idea is to do a meringue 'cake' with layers of chocolate mousse - there's some fancy french name for it but I can't remember. I made it once and people went crazy for it. It's basically chocolate meringe baked into 4 or 5 thin crunchy disks and then layered with chocolate mousse. Layers like a cake and gives a neat crunch with the rich mousse. Would be easy to make look like a typical birthday cake.

                      I have a recipe somewhere if you'd like.

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                        Thanks...bring it on!
                        Not too late, either. Her birthday isn't until the end of September:)