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Aug 9, 2007 11:41 AM

How (why) would you like your SOFL?

The recent explosion of new steak houses on the scene here in Miami is due to, I’m guessing, some market research about people wanting meat and potatoes on the plate rather than cuisine that involves multiple elements and technique.

The idea of coming to South Florida and not dining on our indigenous bounty is beyond me. But to pay the outrageous prices for something anybody anywhere could cook is stupefying. (Devito’s can’t last)

This “steak house cuisine” is easy to cook and not very creative. Few dishes have less flavor or less textural features. And, I dare say, less interesting to chefs. Temperature please?

When I read favorable reviews about steak houses what is usually said about the meal is, “great steak” or “best steak in town”. There is more laudatory expression about the sides or desserts.

I love to eat and I enjoy a variety of the cuisines the world has to offer. Any chef with the proficiency and ability to create delicious original dishes with layers of flavor deserves the big bucks.

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  1. I agree, it is why I often enjoy the more creative sides, appetizers, desserts, etc. at steakhouses more than the steak itself. For example, I love Prime 112. On that note, I will say the steaks are nothing out of this world. The sides, apps, salads, desserts, etc. are all top notch though (and many are creative twists on the steakhouse classics).