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Aug 9, 2007 11:38 AM

Falcone's? New Italian place in Porter Square

Caught site of a sandwich board in the block between Qdoba and Newtowne Pizza for this place - I think I have the name right - Falcone's - Serving Italian from 11-8 or something like that. Anyone have any contact?

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  1. I peeked in at lunchtime today. It's a little sub shop, seemingly trying to go a little bit more gourmet. Everything under $10, except an 18" pie. Pizzas, a few pasta dishes (i.e. w/ pesto, w/ white cream sauce, w/ sundried tomatoes and olives), sandwiches (i.e. Italian, Italian tuna, the usual cold cuts, etc.)and salads. All the sandwiches use Iggy's bread. They have "signature" small round pizzas, cheese ($3.50) or toppings ($4.00). Porter Square Books' cafe around the corner was featuring the small round w/ topping for $3.50, so I saved my 50 cents and got it there. Chewy flatbreadish crust (fairly unsalted, but I am fine with that) topped with a mix of mozz/asiago and a sparing amount of carmelized onions, eggplant and roasted red pepper. Simple and fairly satisfying for the price. Will try a pasta dish next maybe. It is still more of a sub shop w/ an Italian bent, so maybe wouldn't go out of the way for it.

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      Oh one more thing--it's calles Falzone's.

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        Thanks! I will try to pop in. Could this actually work in Porter? Other than competing burrito joints and the stalls in Porter Exchange, there is no deli-ish option nearby, so maybe it will!

    2. I tried to go there for dinner last night, but at 7pm they were already closed! The hours posted are 11 - 8, but evidently sandwiches were not in my future. Had to make due with some very tasty pork nachos from Taqueria La Mexicana in Union Square. Haven't seen these mentioned recently so just wanted to remind everyone: they freaking rock. Easily the best nachos in Boston with layers of refried beans, cheese, tomato sauce, onions, herbs and pulled pork goodness. So addictive that I ate practically an entire order myself and then was so stuffed I collapsed into bed. And yet I want more right now.

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        I LOVE the taqueria. They truly make the best chx tamales in town.

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          I also stopped by last week and they were closed early (I passed by at around 7:15pm) but made it in today on the Holiday for a vegan meatball sub. Sauce tasted homemade and they put extra on the side. Bread was heated and crisped- very satisfying. The ambience was homey and warm and the owner was very approachable. Strange buzzing coming from one of the drink coolers but other than that, I definitely recommend...