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Aug 8, 2007 09:51 AM

South African Cuisine and the Culinary Olympics [split from SF Bay Area]

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Most of those cooking competitions depend on how well you excute classic cuisine (i.e., French), not on the quality of your "native" cuisine. While there may indeed be many excellent restaurants in South Africa, do they serve South African food? And if so, what are some of the distinctive elements of South African cuisine?

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  1. On similar lines of thinking to Ruth, should Outback Steakhouse be considered an Australian restaurant??

    1. Hi Ruth,
      You should look into the Culinary Olympics. Major event: "The Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung, commonly called the "Culinary Olympics", is the oldest and most prestigious international culinary competition in the world. It is being held in Erfurt, Germany, for the first time in it's 100 year history". Sure, historically a bias toward "classic cuisine", but recently, the South Africans (and Americans, and Kiwis, and Aussies, etc) have been competing without going "classical". As for South Africa: 1 of the most distinctive "western-style" cuisines anywhere, ever. Plenty of protiens to choose from (khudu is great, and impala is outstanding, for example), and with Dutch, French, Arabic, Indian, Malaysian and Swahili influences in seasoning and techniques, well, watch out for South African cusine in the future! It has become my clear fav. They are already "BIG" and getting bigger round the world, but the US is a little slow in figuring things like this out sometimes. And no, rdabke: nothing like "Outback", which is more of an American thing that the Aussies tease us about, along with Foster's Lager and Rupert Murdock.

      1. South Africa will get its chance to bask in the sun in 2010, as they host the next World Cup.

        Mexican soccer journalists have been doing some specials on South Africa in the run up to the event... it was great... they were chowing down on South African style "carnitas" served over flat bread... with some kind of sauce from a street vendor... on the next segment they are going to check out thier non-Tequila tequila region.

        1. The Braai aka BBQ is classic South African and their sausage, boerewors is one of those family recipes where everyone has 'the best'. There's a lot of dutch influence so peri-peri sauced chicken and potato salad are common at braai's too.

          1. Also lots of Curries and my Favorite: Boboti!! yum!