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The Forks Maine ME dining

jhberkley Aug 9, 2007 11:10 AM

I'll be heading to The Forks, Maine this weekend to do a whitewater rafting trip on the Kennebec River on Sunday. Any ideas for local casual supper Saturday night with good food?

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  1. m
    Mainegal RE: jhberkley Aug 9, 2007 12:00 PM

    Your choices are limited to the restaurants affiliated with whitewater-rafting companies, but I've heard good things about Hawk's Nest--in any case the building's handcarvings are worth seeing. Beyond that, The Forks, and really most of the region north of Waterville up to Jackman, is a non-chow zone. THere's a new place in Bingham, Antlers, but it's too new and hit-or-miss with food so far; needs time to get its act together.

    1. h
      hargau RE: jhberkley Aug 9, 2007 01:55 PM

      Good luck with that! Last time we were there it poured so hard we couldnt bbq while camping, ended up driving over an hour just to get Wendys!

      1. t
        Trnrbrnr RE: jhberkley Aug 9, 2007 06:07 PM

        My opinion is that around the Forks, the best food is the kind you cook yourself over an open fire.

        1. Harp00n RE: jhberkley Aug 9, 2007 07:21 PM

          Northern Outdoors, in their complex at The Forks, has a brewpub. I'm not sure whether you have to be booked with them to use it, we were, but it couldn't hurt to call. http://www.northernoutdoors.com/


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          1. re: Harp00n
            jhberkley RE: Harp00n Aug 10, 2007 06:52 AM

            Thank you everbody for your suggestions. I would love to be cooking outdoors but won't have room in the car for camping gear as we're headed on a longer journey and have a small car. I'll check out the Northern Outdoors place or Hawk's Nest; both look like good possibilities. Will try and report back. Thank you again!

            1. re: Harp00n
              mjp81 RE: Harp00n Aug 10, 2007 07:03 AM

              Home of Kennebec River Brewery, one of the best IPA's I've ever had. Too bad that doesn't make its way down past Wiscasset.

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