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Aug 9, 2007 10:48 AM

Has anyone ever had a good experience at IHOP?

I'm wondering if they ALL suck, or just our local one... we went there once and had incredibly slow service and even worse food, (our waitress was the only one in the place and she was run off her feet and getting complaints all round, poor thing!) Her excuse was that they had a new person in the kitchen and it was their first day and they didn't know what they were doing... okay, I'll buy that. The waitress was very nice about it and our meal (what we'd managed to eat of it) was comped. We stayed away for a year and tried them again recently, and it was a carbon copy of the first time! We didn't have to pay for my breakfast, because it was thoroughly inedible, and I sent it back to the kitchen virtually untouched.

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  1. I've definitely been to IHOP's that have slow service, but I've always enjoyed those chocolate chip pancakes.

    1. Mu daughter decided that she HAD to go to IHOP for her birthday before school. The food was good - not great, but good basic scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes. Reasonably good coffee. And they gave my child a free ice cream sundae and sang Happy Birthday to her. The very idea of having ice cream for breakfast thrilled my daughter beyond belief.

      Like many chains, the quality probably depends on the franchise owner. This particular franchise supports the neighborhood and is a meeting place for a number of organizations. But, I've been to other IHOPs (I worked for a business that would have breakfast meetings at IHOP) and have generally found the food to be good. Keep that in context - it's good for what my expectations are, rather than good as is comparable to a gourmet experience.

      1. Our IHOP on the weekend always has people standing outside waiting for over an hour for breakfast...We go early, like 7am on Saturdays to avoid any crowd. Food is typical diner fair. I have noticed that IHOP no matter what time, seems to run a little slow in the service.

        1. I don't go to IHOP often, but the food has been good. I like their pancakes.

          1. Oh yes, but you probably don't want to hear about visits to IHOP with Aunt Pearl in 1969, huh?