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Aug 9, 2007 10:33 AM

Need Wine Help for Schwa

I finally scored a reservation for Schwa. Now I need some help with a wine recommendation.

It appears that the current nine course menu skews toward vegetarian: eggplant (red pepper, san simon), sunchoke (orange, allspice), quail egg ravioli (ricotta, brown butter, parmigiano reggianno), parfait (quince, celery root, pink peppercorn), risotto (savory, peach), seitan (pomegranate, turnips, queso de valdeon), tofu (persimmons, chestnut), cheese.

With all the citrus and savories, I'm guessing that I should bring a white wine. But I really have no idea. Has anyone tried this menu yet? Any thoughts on some wine choices that worked or didn't work? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for your help and I'll be happy to report back.

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  1. Try these:

    Vouvray, followed by Bordeaux, followed by red Beaune.

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      Do you have any particular favorites? I'm open to anything, but I'd prefer to stay in the $30 and under range.

    2. You can also call the restaurant and ask them for their thoughts on what wines might work best with the current menu (I've done this in the past and it has worked out pretty well).

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        As you may know, it can be difficult to speak with an actual person there. I did leave a message asking for confirmation of my reservation and requesting wine suggestions. I was not home when the call was returned. The reservation was confirmed but no wine suggestions were provided.

      2. As an oenephile, all I can say is don't think you can't drink red with that menu. I would shy away from a full-bodied red such as Cab, Shiraz, or Bordeaux, but a less acidic Pinot Noir or Burgandy would work nicely. I also suggest bringing both red and white--you never know what you'd like best.

        My best suggestion is take your menu to Sam's Wine in Lincoln Park and ask the staff. They have a great wealth of knowledge and each person generally specializes in a region. Feel free to walk right up to any of the awesome staffers and chat--they really like to help you. I always have a great time at Sam's talking to the people and finding those great value wines that they love.

        1. I think a nice dry rose would go great with this menu, and it's a great summer wine, too. You can find some excellent bargains, too.
          Here's a quick list of my favorite producing regions/varietals:
          Spain - look for roses made from Garnacha grapes (same as Grenache)

          France - the regions of Provence (look for these appellations: Coteaux de Nimes & Coteaux D'Aix en Provence) and Cotes Du Rhone also use Grenache, often blended with the standard Rhone varietals (Carignane, Mouvedre, Cinsault, Syrah, etc.); also I've had some tasty roses from the Loire Valley made from Cab Franc grapes
          And, of course, the U.S. - Pinot Noir roses, and also versions of the above, just made here.
          I almost forgot - Rosados from Italy, and Goats Du Roam Rose from S. Africa (made in a Cotes Du Rhone style).

          One other thought - I always like to start a nice meal with Sparkling wine. You could stay with the Rose theme there too. There are some decent Brut Cava roses from Spain...I'm thirsty now!!