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Aug 9, 2007 10:15 AM

LV- Chinese Banquet

Everyone-- I'm getting married in Vegas. (yeah!) and I'm trying to find a place to host a private (or semi-private) Chinese dinner for 20. I have already priced out my Strip options (Mandalay, MGM, Wynn, Bellagio) and am now starting to look down Spring Mountain Road.

Any advice for venues would be greatly appreciated?


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  1. Am I doomed to pay the MGM Grand $90 a head for fried rice and sweet and sour beef? help??

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      1. re: Johann

        If you're willing to pay the price, Shanghai Lilly at Mandalay Bay would be a really nice option. It's beautiful and the food is amazing (especially the Peking Duck!)

      2. Cathay House on Spring Mountain has a couple of private areas that might be ideal for what you are looking for. I can not comment on the food quality beyond dim sum, which is all that I have had there for a couple of years, but the setting might work - particularly ask for an area with a view of the strip lights at night.

        1. Joyful House is also a good choice (although I think Cathay House might be better for a reception). Joyful House is popular with the local asian community and I think offers some private rooms. Another option you might consider is China Spice at Green Valley Ranch. Kind of a compromise between strip prices and spring mountain; it's a very pretty restaurant, although not super private, but the food is consistently very good, and it's a nicer setting than Spring Mt. One other option to consider might be Chinios in the Forum Shops....admittedly more of a fusion option, but might bear looking at....

          1. I want to thank everyone for the replies so far.

            Since this is my rehearsal dinner, the setting is just as important as the food. Being Chinese, I've had some incredible meals in less than incredible settings. I've heard strong things about Joyful House. However, what is the interior of the restaurant like? I've been to Cathay House for Dim Sum (which was good), but I don't know how the dishes are.

            Has anyone been to Capital Seafood?

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              The Las Vegas branch of Capital Seafood isn't nearly as good as the Monterey Park or Orange County locations. I think either Joyful House or Chang's on Decatur would be fine from a combination of food and decor.

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                We had dinner at Joyful House tonight. 1st time for my wife and I. My aunt joined us. The dining room is nice, with table cloths and a very attentive staff. The food is very good cantonese cusine. I think you will be happy with Joyful House. I did not notice if they had any private rooms.
                Changs is a little 'less' nice.. more typical of Chinese restaurants. No table cloths, a bit 'harried' staff during dim sum in the morning/afternoons. I don't know about dinner time.
                Cathy House is a bit nicer decor wise than Joyful House, in that it has a more modern look to it.
                IMO Joyful House or Cathy House would fit the bill for you.

              2. I've never been there, but I saw Joyful House on a Food Network special. the food looked unbelievable and the place looked very nice for a rehersal dinner.

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                  Try Changs Hong Kong Cuisine on Decatur Blvd looks like a pretty building...serving traditional cuisine

                  Chang's Hong Kong Cuisine
                  4670 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103