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Aug 9, 2007 10:05 AM

Les Cocottes?

I am looking for another place while in Paris and Les Cocottes seems to pop up repeatedly. I cannot find a website and tried to discern what I could in french on cityvox. Is it exclusively seafood, is it set price or a la carte,and how does it compare to La Mascotte in Montmarte?

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  1. Haven't been yet; casual place, cheap etc. Check it out on Les Restos. Not a destination experience as I read the reviews. And not a seafood restaurant; you may be confusing it with the other Constant financed place down the block. Still no tele # either....???

    1. It is in the rue Saint Dominique, in the 7th. It is one of Christian Constant's restaurants; seems to be a casual place, not exclusively seafood. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it looks good.

      1. We had lunch at Les Cocottes (135 Rue St Dominique) yesterday. Shan't go back because of the seating which is all counter or closely packed communal tables. All chairs are high and only for the agile, a humiliating struggle for some - children have to be helped and a few limber people laugh as they clamber.
        The place is informal and inexpensive, open all day every day and no reservations taken. Just about full at 1 pm, Friday in August. Food is pleasant. We had three starters: two stuffed sardines with a little salad; pea soup with chorizo shreds; and a fashionable "verriere" (glass) of crab and salad. One main course of dorade with a rich and oily sort of ratatouille and two little anchoiade toasts. One chocolate tart slice. First courses around 8 euros, Mains around 15. Wines cheap, smallest glass 3 euros.
        By the way, the Constant fish restaurant is the more expensive Fables de la Fontaine on the same block . We went and liked it very much when it was fairly new about three years ago, though friends who like hearty food complained recently that there was too much fashionable foam, and that the much appreciated bouillabaise was not on the menu.

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          P.S. I seem to remember that Les Cocottes did have mainly fish, plus one beef main course on Friday.

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            Christian Constant has four restaurants in rue St Dominique. Each is very different and it is important to choose the one that suits your mood, tastes, and budget.

            Le violin d'ingres (classic bistro) and Les fables de la fontaine (fish) both have Michelin stars, great quality food that is good value. Cafe Constant (casual bistro) and now Les cocottes (almost a brasserie) are both designed to be much cheaper and more accessible i.e. neither of them take reservations.

            Les fables is quite "fashionable" but don't let that put you off, it is superb modern cooking by twi young chefs at a very good price.