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Aug 9, 2007 10:03 AM

rootbeer float for adults

the other night i was making rootbeer floats for my kids and took

2 parts vodka
2 parts rootbeer
1 part bailey's

fo myself. i served it over ice and it was just OK. i found that the bailey's was too sweet. but it added the right cream flavor. any help on getting this one right would be appreciated.

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  1. They make Root Beer Schnapps, why not give that a try instead of Baileys. Also Vanilla Schnapps is available to substitute for the ice cream.

    I have never tried making one, but with a little tinkering you can probably get there.

    1. That sounds pretty good. May I suggest: 1 bottle Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (no chocolate in there, just black as dark chocolate; maybe use Guiness if U can't get it) + 1 1/2 scoops Hagan Dasz natural bean vanilla ice cream. nom, nom, nom.