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Any recommendations in Antibes?

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Near by places like Cap 'd Anitbes or Juan-le-pins would work too.

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  1. Suggest you check out the website guidegantie.com which has great recommendations for Antibes etc. Best meal we had in Antibes was at Le Sucrier on rue Bains-tele. 04 93 34 85 40. Great Provencal food

    1. I have good reports of La Jarre, near tto the Picasso museum but haven't eaten there myself... Try L'Auberge Provencale in Place National, they have a great garden out back and do a good selection of meats and fish. Restaurant Le Safranier is a great outdoor spot,in a lovely squre next to the Ramparts, they have good mussels and fish and a great relaxed atmosphere.
      Skip eating in Juan Les Pins, most places there are tourist traps, although Crystal Bar is great for a drink and people watching