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Aug 9, 2007 09:18 AM

good restaurants in south lake tahoe nevada

the better half & i are going to lake tahoe for a vacation. we have not been there for 10 years and would like to know of some good restaurants.also is the forrest room at harrahs still good?

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    1. re: MofCarson

      Try the burger lounge. You can rent bicycles nearby and a burger and milk shake or root beer float is very nice after a non-strenuous bike ride.

      In my experience, the best casino coffee shop is at the Lakeside Inn, about a mile east of the border.

      Also there is a small breakfast diner called the Driftwood Cafe (?) on one of the little streets with motels just on the CA side. Good for breakfast.

      Also, if you don't mind driving a little bit, go over Kingsbury Grade to Minden or Gardnerville in Nevada to one of the two or three Basque restaurants on 395.

      1. re: azlefty

        thanks azlefty
        i completley forgot about minden & gardenerville.i remember some great food at the basque i love breakfast i will for sure check out the driftwood cafe