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Aug 9, 2007 08:54 AM

Cambridge Maryland

I'm going to Cambridge Maryland for a couple of days. We are staying at the Hyatt resort out there but I have heard the food at the Hyatt is terrible. Can anyone recommend some good places to eat in Cambridge? I am very open minded about what we eat, so long as it is good (and very close by - I would prefer not to drive to St. Michaels, for example). Thanks.

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  1. The DQ is amazing - you will be able to tell that as you drive in - there is always a line

    for breakfast - any day but sunday there is bay country bakery

    there are two different places to eat in the hyatt - the upscale restaurant and the low key just outside of the hotel
    the low key one has much better food and service

    1. You might try Canvas Back at 422 Race Street in the old downtown. Also if you head west on Maryland Ave from Rt 50 look on your left just before the bridge for a small two story building. The upstairs contains a very homey, locally popular place with a deck overlooking the boats. Good red crab soup. There is also the Crab House at Suicide Bridge - nice location so-so food. Also check the thread here as to Easton.