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Aug 9, 2007 08:46 AM

Double batches of cookies or brownies

Question - If I am doubling a batch of cookies, do I fully double each ingredient, even the baking soda?

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  1. Yes. That is what I do.

    1. I'd be interested in reading tips for altering cooking time/heat when doubling or halving a cookie recipe.

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      1. re: mainsqueeze

        Not sure what you mean. There should be no change in the bake time of a cookie unless you're doubling the SIZE of the cookie. Whether you have 2 dozen or 4 dozen cookies to bake has no effect on the baking time.

      2. I always double them without making any changes. When I worked with a pastry chef, we would sometimes try out recipes non-professional sources (that is, recipes not measured out by weight), and multiply the recipes by 10x, without changing the recipe at all. It worked fine.

        1. I agree... if you're doubling a recipe, double every ingredient. If you were halving a recipe, you'd halve the ingredients as best you could (including 1 egg). When baking cookies, as long as they're the same size, you shouldn't have to adjust the time or temp. If you're making a double batch of brownies, I'd use a larger pan to try and keep the thickness the same and check for doneness at 1.5 the regular baking time.