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Aug 9, 2007 08:40 AM

Chinese bakeries in Minneapolis?

Are there any Chinese bakeries in Minneapolis? I love treats like ham and egg buns, sausage rolls, BBQ pork buns, and all the sweet pastry and tarts as well.


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  1. Very few. A place in Apple Valley (southern suburb) called Satay 2 Go does a very good job for MSP but if you live in a city that has an abundance of Chinese bakeries, you'll be disappointed. They have about 20 items on any given's not a huge case. There just isn't a lot of demand for, or awareness of Chinese bakery here in MSP. But if you happen to be in or around Apple Valley, it's definitely worth a stop.

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      Isn't there a Korean bakery on West Bank? I've never been there but I've heard good things and that they do have sweet and savory items. Sorry I don't have any other information!

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        Yes, Keefer Court. I thought it was Chinese, not Korean, though.

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        I know that the Satay 2 Go buns are also available at several Asian groceries in the MSP area. Just call Corrine at Satay 2 Go - 952.891.8551- and ask where you can get them.

      3. The place on West Bank is a Chinese bakery called Keefer Court. They have several dozen items each day, including sesame balls, BBQ pork buns, egg tarts, custard buns, winter melon cookies, and much more. My favorite is the curry beef buns.

        They also do Chinese-style birthday cakes (white cakes with fruit) - I've never had one, but they're always flying out the door when I'm there.

        Keefer Court's quality seems quite good, given that there's no competition. That is, they could probably hold their own in a larger city.


        Keefer Court Bakery & Cafe
        326 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454

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          Oh, fantastic! Do they time it so the egg tarts are frequently coming out of the oven? I really miss good, hot, egg tarts!

          The curry beef buns sound good, too.


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            Thanks for all the help! You're right- timing is key with these items to avoid hard, dry edges and the like. I was in Toronto last month and in the Spadina Ave. Chinatown there is so much great bakery items to choose from!

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              > Do they time it so the egg tarts are frequently coming out of the oven? I really miss good, hot, egg tarts!

              Alas, no - I don't think they're busy enough for that. So you won't find hot egg tarts unless you're extremely lucky.


          2. Keefer Court is definitely one of those hidden gems in the Twin Cities. The owners are real Cantonese people, and they make their cakes with the proper level of sweetness (less sweet than western bakeries, with a salted buttercream). The pastries were all good when I've picked up a sampler.

            1. I don't think this is going to answer Roberto's question, because they don't typically offer any of the traditional Chinese bakery items (and, also, I think his visit to the Twin Cities is over), but for the sake of the search engine and with Moon Festival approaching, I'm going to throw in a mention of Bravo Bakery on Grand Avenue (near Lex) in St. Paul -- you can pre-order moon cakes from them. (Some of the pastes have to ferment for a week or two, which is why it's helpful to the bakery if you order ahead.) The owner is from Taiwan.

              Also, they make lovely cream puffs and gorgeous eccentric cakes in a variety of flavors including mango, green tea, and red bean. Some of their cakes are vegan, too.


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                Whoops! I forgot to add the places link. Here it is.


                Bravo Bakery
                1106 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105