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Aug 9, 2007 08:37 AM

Center City Italian for lunch?

what options are good for an Italian pasta lunch in center city?

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  1. La Viola and Branzino are two. Not sure whether Caffe Casta Diva serves lunch.

    1. Ernestos 1521. Bistro La Viola, Le Castange

      1. When I lived in Philly, I had two bosses who were both Italian and both lawyers (one also a judge)--one swore by D'Angelo's (20th and Rittenhouse) and the other (judge) by La Buca (7th and Locust).

        I just loved when they treated as both are fabulous :)

        My blog on life in southern Italy: http://www.bleedingespresso-sognatric...
        All about tomatoes: