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Aug 9, 2007 08:19 AM

Lunch: The worst meal of the day?

Why is it a constant struggle to have something good for lunch? What the hell do people eat? I'm getting tired of the deli meat, greens, tomato, hummus, bread variations. All I want is something delicious that won't make me want to curl up underneath my desk and nap all afternoon.

What are the best things to eat for lunch??

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  1. I pack my lunch for work, and I find that pasta salads keep really well. Today, for example, I brought a cold soba noodle salad with Thai grilled beef, and lots of carrots, daikon and mint.

    1. I agree with you. I'm left so unsatisfied by cold cut sandwiches that I often find myself bringing. I'll want to go and buy something for lunch but the options around my office are somewhat limited. I usually wind up at Go Roma, and their pizza and salad combo leaves me the most satisfied. (I know the pizza isn't healthy though, but it's quality pizza there!)


      1. Over the years there have been numerous threads about the "lunch" problem -- here's one to get you started:

        I'm not a sandwich person, so if I bring lunch from home it's usually leftovers (often on-purpose leftovers), or something like soup or chili that I made a big batch of. If I don't have time to make something in advance, I often start with a cup of soup or noodles base and then doctor it up with something fresh I have stashed in the office fridge. If you don't cook, some of the soups that come in the aseptic packaging are pretty good.

        1. Today I had some Trader Joes tomato/red pepper soup. Really tasty. I was too lazy to make my lunch this am- so I keep a stash of soup and crackers in the office for days like this.
          I love garden salads,so that is my go to choice lots of times- and I usually add left over protein from an earlier dinner. And summer is a great time to make fruit salads. They fill me up, satisfy my sweet tooth, and dont't make me drowsy.

          1. I bring those Indian packaged meals with me fo work to heat in a microwave. I carefully read the labels to avoid the ones full of sodium and/or fat. There is enough variety and good tastes.