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Aug 9, 2007 08:07 AM

Best Burger musing in latest Portland Magazine

Has anyone read the latest Portland magazine, where the writer wrote about the best burger he has ever had, in a recently opened restaurant? He would not publish the name..

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  1. Yes, I read that. It was the editor's column. I wondered about that too, but could conclude -- after the burger we had at lunch today -- that it could be Pause on Interstate. We just had the appetizer "sliders" and wow, really good. They use hand ground Strawberry Mountain Organic beef and we were so impressed by the burgers. Even if it wasn't Pause that the editor was referring to, it is worth a try. (Note: we didn't ask for the burgers to be cooked a certain way and they came medium to medium if you like them different than that, you might state it at the outset. To us, it was perfect.)

    1. Toro Bravo and Clyde Common are recently opened and both have, reportedly, excellent burgers.

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        When a group of us ordered burgers at Clyde Common's happy hour last week the server said that they were recently called the "best burgers in Portland." Didn't ask what publication, but after eating the burger, I certainly can't agree with it. Mediocre burger: came medium well instead of medium rare; too big and doughy bun; flavorless bacon...$5 for burger + $1 for bacon and $1 for cheese and $2 for fries = $9 (not a good happy hour deal, IMO).

        I would rather have gone to Cafe Castagna and had a burger there ($11-13 for bacon & cheese & fries). IMO, that's where the best burger in the city may be found.

      2. I'm still looking for the best burger in Portland. It's not burgerville and it's not Henrys (OMG could their bun be any thicker and more tough).

        Anyone have some ideas? I love a good 1/3, very juicy, a little pink.. nice soft bun, maybe a good slab of tilamook cheese?