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Cheap Eats around Wall Street? $5-$10 picks?

I am starting a new job on Wall Street and I need some good cheap eats palces in the area. I am not familiar with the area at all. My current job is near Chinatown so I am spoiled by all of the $5 meals on Baxter Street! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. In front of Liberty Park there is a Stage Door Deli that makes generous and cheap deli-style sandwiches. Yip's (locations on Water and on William/Nassau) have a very cheap lunch buffet. The halal cart in front of Deutsche is phenomenal. For a bit more, you can get Daisy May's BBQ in front of Federal Hall. L&M Hawaiian on Fulton, Zeytuna's on John/William and the restaurants on Exchange should give you even more variety.

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      Not a fan of L&M. Zeytuna had a nice tuna nicoise salad (might be a touch over $10) and the outdoor cafe. Financier is the only tolerable pastry shop downtown (Stone, William near the Federal Reserve), I've never been for lunch. Zaitzeff is great but pricey (super fresh, lots of organic). I like Mangia but unless you order carefully it's pricey (but good). Country Kebab on Fulton is good, not sure about prices. Alfanoose is less. If you want to walk over to Front Street Barbarini might be $10 or less, very fresh. Table Tales on Water is my favorite (sandwiches for $7.50-$7.95), but pushing the $10 range. Meade's on Peck Slip and Water has a grilled hanger steak with bleu cheese on bread for $9. Fresh Salt on Beekman has a decent eggplant sandwich for $7. There's a Cosi (chain). DoDo organic chicken salad is $10 (Peck Slip and South Street), doable depending where on Wall Street you are. It was too far for me when I worked on Broadway & Exchange. DoDo also has a lunch club. The options near my old office on Bdwy & Exchange were really sad. Bin 220 on Front has lunch now, there was a negative post on this site so you might want to add it to your SKIP list. But then I'm not a Bin 220 fan.

    2. Well, there is virtually nothing for $5, so yea, you are spoiled by Chinatown. I rotate between

      1) Pretty much anything from Pret-a-Manger.
      2) Financier sandwiches or salads
      3) Zeytuna kebabs

      If I feel special - a Zaitzeff burger and fries, or one from Ulysses.

      Welcome to food wasteland.

      1. Don't forget Alfanoose on Maiden Lane for some middle eastern fare!
        Bennie's Thai on Fulton and Seh Ja Meh (Korean) has very affordable lunch specials.
        Smorgas Chef (Scandanavian) also has lunch special less than $10 and they deliver (check website online).

        1. There's a Rueben's Empanada's nearby... although I forget the exact address...

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            It's on Fulton (one of the few edible places on the street) past Gold before Cliff.

          2. Bread and Olive on John has good Middle Eastrern as well....

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              One of my friends just went and said it's much better now. I used to go to the one on 45th Street when I worked across the street.

            2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. My mouth is watering already, although I am sad my $5 lunches will be coming to an end. I impose a $10 limit on lunch to save for my shoe and handbag addiction, so all of these suggestions are greatly appreciated. If you think of any other cheap eats let me know:)

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                Maybe you could start shopping at the Century 21 down the street and up your lunch allowance!

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                  LOL...thanks for the suggestion. Honestly, I have stuck to the $10 budget since I graduated from law school and I love it because it forces me to be creative and try new things. Even when I have gotten raises I keep the budget at $10, but it looks like I may have to go a few dollars over some days in the new location.

              2. Their is a Golden Crust down that wasy, just can't remember exact address.
                and a Burritoville and Wendy on the same street.

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                  These are on Nassau St, between Fulton St and John St.

                  The Rueben's Empanada's is also on Nassau st. next door (or close to) to the Burritoville.

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                    There's another Reuben's downtown? Besides the one on Fulton Street? Is it new? I know there is one in the EV. Are they all related? I need to get out more . . .

                2. Don't forget about Sophie's on New St (btw Beaver and Exchange). And Chipotle near Bowling Green.

                  1. don't be fooled by some of the other posters, there is a lot of good eats for $10 or under in the wall street area:

                    falafel or shwarma sandwich at alfanoose ($7-$8)
                    prosciutto sandwich with fresh bufala mozzeralla at barbarini alimentari ($8)
                    lunch specials at bennie's thai ($6-8)
                    salads and/or sandwiches at financier ($6-$9)
                    lasagna at adrienne's pizzabar ($8)
                    chicken parm or meatball parm at rosarios's ($7)
                    soup (i like the pozole or chicken jambalaya) at cafe doppio ($5)
                    any special at sophie's cuban ($8) or the cuban sandwich ($6)
                    burrito's at chipotle ($8)
                    1/4 chicken at backyard chicken - with 2 sides (get the mac & cheese) ($6)
                    pizza at majestic pizza ($2.25)
                    hot dogs at klatch ($5)
                    any number of choices at the pearl street diner

                    the list goes on and on, you just gotta look hard...

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                      Thanks a lot. Everyone's suggestions have been so great! I must say I love the variety in your list...thanks so much. I am looking forward to trying everyone's suggestions and discovering some cheap eats on my own. Thanks to everyone.

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                        Several of these places were already mentioned. Almost forgot about Backyard Chicken (on Pearl?). It's a little mass produced, but a find. If you go for a really late lunch (after 3PM?) it's even cheaper. There's a panini place on Beekman near Rosario's. It's a little mass produced but not bad and probably under $10. There's also an Indian place on Fulton, upstairs close to Benny's. I think it was already mentioned. Good not great but they have a luncheon buffet.