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Aug 9, 2007 07:16 AM

Blue Man Group & Then Dinner

Hello Hounds,

Looking for restaurant for dinner after seeing Blue Man Group on a Sat 7pm show. The theater address is 434 Lafayette St and I am not sure if this is considered the West Village, East Village or LES?
I have searched the board and I am thinking of Otto, but would love some more recs in the area in case I can't get a reservation there.
Sorry to say that my husband does not care for ethnic foods so no Indian or Sushi please.
We only get into NYC a few times a year, so I don't mind spending the money on a good meal if it's worth it.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

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  1. Indochine is right next door and, though it seems ethnic, it is actually quite recognizable for the less adventurous eater. It's a beautiful interior, upscale experience, and RIGHT next door.

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      Try the excellent FIVE POINTS...creative, fresh American food....Perfect, based on your description. Also PEASANT (for wood oven cooked Italian --meats and fish)...