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Aug 9, 2007 07:07 AM

Toyo on Metro

Has anybody been to Toyo on Metropolitan Ave. in Middle Village? I believe it opened a month or two ago.

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  1. Yes, it is very good. We went a day after they opened and have been there several times since. They have a scallop roll with 3 types of caviar on top that is absolutely delicious!

    1. Sadly I have been to the place on three separate occasions and each time I was disappointed. The location is 3 blocks from my home and I really wanted to like this place.

      The portions are skimpy and the fish is tasteless and low quality. I would put it in on par with Megumi that is in Forest Hills just past Woodhaven Blvd. on Metro. Megumi's prices are much better so you don't feel like you are getting ripped off.

      I will say that it is nicely decorated, but their prices are a bit high for the quality of the food that is coming out.

      Unfortunately I won't be going back.

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      1. re: NYMike

        NYMike, I am really surprised at your response. Everyone I have talked to that has went there could not say enough good things about the place. Are you eating the sushi and rolls or are you ordering entrees. Just curious-b/c if it is the entrees then I will try to stay away from them if they are as bad as you say.
        I have had just about every specialty roll that they have made plus the special of the night and it ranks up there with a few upscale sushi restuarants that I have been to in Manhattan (and I have been to quite a few). I have never had a bad experience there.
        I also live 2 blocks away from there and find it a great addition to the neighborhood since we are lacking resturants in Middle Village.
        Have you tried that other place down Metro, Uvarara?

        1. re: mccarthc

          I only had sushi dishes when I went. The fish on top of the nigiri sushi was so thin that you could see through it and inside of the maki rolls the fish was about the width of pencil and the rest all rice. Besides the small portions I also felt the fish was not high quality. The tuna I had included some touch tendons throughout. I didn't try any of the entries.

          I agree with you totally about the lack of restaurants in middle village, but unfortunately I can't support one that I feel is making sub par food just so it can stay open. The times I went were during the first couple of months they were open and I will perhaps give them one more shot because I really want to like them.

          Mickey's Place was my favorite sushi place in Queens. I haven't heard if they reopened in Bayside yet. I also like Yuraku on Northern Blvd around 193rd St. - I go there when I visit the inlaws. Yuraku is very generous with complimentary offerings - especially if you sit at the sushi bar. I usually get sushi delivered from Wakamatsu that is located on Grand Ave. - they deliver to me and I am south of Metropolitan Ave. They are decent for the price/value of their sushi dishes, but they don't blow me away either. They work when I am feeling lazy (which has been quite often lately)

          I am looking for good sushi choices in Queens - I tried Ran on Metro and found it so-so. Megumi was on par with Toyo, but they have an all you can eat option and they have sushi pieces for $1.00 and $2.50 rolls. Shiro in Atlas Park I find the price/value of their sushi so-so. I haven't been there lately.

          Uvarara is great. The decor is beautiful. Their dishes all taste great and I love the wine recommendations and selection when you buy by the glass. I have yet to try the brunch there - have you? It is easy to spend some money in there though because of their small, intensely flavored dishes - we usually wind up ordering a few to make a full meal instead of snack to go along with wine.

          I noticed that the place where the flower shop used to be on Metro turned into a bakery or cafe. Parisien Cafe? Have you tried anything from there - it certainly is hard to miss with its yellow and blue color scheme.

          Any suggestions for delivery - It seems the same few choices keep coming up and it is getting a little boring.

          1. re: NYMike

            Hi Mike,
            We have went to Shiro recently and the sushi there was very good, we had the Red Dragon, Black Dragon and Ant roll, all were good. My fav sushi place is JJ's asian fusion in Astoria. They have a website if you want to check it out, it is I am more into the cooked rolls rather than raw so that is where our tastes may differ sushiwise. I have went to JJ's with a friend that eats only raw and she loves it there .
            I agree with you on Megumi, not loving that place at all.
            I have to check out Uvavara, a lot of people are saying good things about it.
            Yes, I tried that Parisien Cafe-why they call it Parisien when it is Columbian, I do not know . The food was terrible!!!! I love empanadas and arepas and theirs were completely unedible. So greasy and just plain gross! I should have taken a hint when there was absolutely no one in the place but thought I would give it a try. That place will not be there long.
            They opened a new Italian Rotisserie on Metropolitan also. I have not tried the meats there but did bring home some side dishes to have with dinner. Pretty good, would not say great.
            My big delivery place is Golden Harbor for Chinese, off of Dry Harbor Road-excellent Chinese food. Barosa on Woodhaven has good take out and Pio Pio on Woodhaven also. We do not have a a lot of places that deliver to us in Middle Village.

            1. re: mccarthc

              I have to stop at Golden Harbor on my way home from work to pick up a take-out menu. A few people say they have good food - I really should try it. Any recommendations?

              Megumi is pretty bad. I only been there twice - I went last night in a pinch because we had to go to Home Depot. The service was HORRIBLE! We both ordered from the sushi bar and my wife's dinner came out first, then her salad. She finished her meal before I even received mine. Both times the same confused service happened to us so it must be common. We said we would never go back.

              That is a shame about the Parisien place. You are right - there were no indication about the Columbian food inside. Too bad that the food was so horrible. I always try to give a place the benefit of the doubt when they first open and the food/service is bad. Perhaps they will improve?

              Italian Rotisserie huh? I saw that place and just thought it was a new sign for a deli. I will give that a try one day.

              Agree with you on Pio Pio and Barosa. I like both places. Have you tried the Pio Pio in Jackson Heights (Northern and 84th St) - they have the Jalea (seafood salad) which is very good. Just bring friends if you order it - it's huge.

              Next to Uvarara a Pool Hall/Cafe is supposed to open. They have been working on it for a little while. I wonder if they will serve food there.

              Although the delivery options are limited in Middle Village they do seem to be improving. does offer delivery from many restaurants for fee - but I haven't tried their service.

              We are also getting the first Trader Joe's in Queens opening soon off of Woodhaven on Metro so that is another plus. Let's hope the trend continues.

              1. re: NYMike

                Hmm, a favorite at Golden Harbor, there are so many. I am like Norm from Cheers in that place, they all know my name, we order from them every single Wednesday. The only thing that I ever had there that I didn't like was the chili sauce and oyster sauce-other than that, everything is good. There Sesame Shrimp are excellent, chicken with any type of veggies, lo meins, they have a good cold noodles with sesame sauce also.
                I have never eaten at Megumi but have had the takeout and the woman who takes the order has always sent me something different than what I ordered.
                Yes, it is a shame about that Parisien place. I love columbian food and was actually happy that there was going to be something different, I thought is was just going to be a run of the mill bakery which are a dime a dozen in our neighborhood. But the food looks like it has been sitting under a light bulb all day.
                The Iatalian Rotisserie looks like it has potential. I just sent my husband there one night for side dished b/c I was lazy cooking one night . He came back with some roasted potatoes which were very good, some rice which was so so, and some empanada looking things stuffed with sausage peppers and onions(tasty but greasy). He said that he was chatting with the new owner and he was making a pork roast that he said looked great. So we will try it again and see what happens.
                Never been to Pio Pio in Jackson Height but have heard that there menu is a little more extensive than the one on Woodhaven.
                That pool hall that you are talking about does say "lunch" on the awning so I am assuming that they will have food there.
                I am excited for Trader Joe's, I have never been in one but my friends told me that it is great.
                Have you tried the new coffee place, I think it is called Cafe Latte, towards Valentino's across form the bagel store?
                Other good restaurants in the hood-Abbracciamento's and Spolinis and La Vigna
                Have you ever been to Alberto's on Metro? I have never been, wondering if it is any good.

                1. re: NYMike

                  Oh my goodness, how could I forget the other sushi place, Sake Sushi on Queens Boulevard-very cheap and very good sushi, there special eel roll is excellent. We used to frequent there a lot-always good. Orange awning outside. Across form the Sears mall

                  1. re: mccarthc

                    Thanks for the tip on Golden Harbor. We had a delivery from them tonight and the food was very tasty. We got the Won tons with spicy sesame sauce - man that stuff is good and a bargain at $2.00. We ordered some shrimp and scallops in garlic sauce, sauteed string beans and veg. chow fun. All were very good and fast delivery to boot. I might have a new Chinese take out place. We usually order from Zheng's Oriental Garden on Metro - they have been inconsistent lately.

                    I actually wrote a reply to your message before and then my browser crashed - ugh!

                    I haven't tried the Cafe Latte place, but it reminds me of the Milan Sport a little ways down metro. It seems to have a specific clientele in there and doesn't seem very inviting. Just a strange vibe from both of those places.

                    I think you are going to like Trader Joes very much - their prices are very good and they have excellent products. Practically all (if not all) of the Trader Joe's branded items are high quality and a great bargain. I was in Stop and Shop on Union Tpke the other night and saw that they added some new items to their shelves and lower some of their inflated prices. Seems they are gearing up for the competition - they should be scared. I know I will be shopping there a lot less once Trader Joe's opens.

                    I actually had my wedding rehearsal dinner at Abbracciamento's - The food there is very good as well as the service. I haven't been to La Vigna or Spolinis - where are those places located? What kind of food?

                    I never been to Alberto's either. Actually we don't go to too many Italian restaurants, but they have been there a long time so that is probably a good sign - I think you should give it a shot.

                    Thanks for the tip about Sake Sushi. I also heard good things about Sushi 33 on Booth St. There is also another place called Sushi Yasu down on Yellowstone that has really fresh fish. So it looks like there are a few places in the area to try. I tried Ran down on Metropolitan Avenue and didn't really see what the fuss was about.. have you been there?

                    Speaking of sushi - The Amish Market has sushi that is prepared by Shiro. After 8pm (used to be 7pm) the sushi is half price. I know you said you liked Shiro so this might be a good idea to keep in mind for a inexpensive late dinner. Although many people don't like pre-made sushi. Also the selection isn't that great, but then again, its half price.

                    La Tavernetta on Cooper is supposed to be really good, but I haven't tried that place yet. Like I said - we don't go out for italian too much.

                    You should try the Pio Pio on northern - its especially good for a group, but try to get there early because there is usually a wait the later you go. It is much larger than the take out place on Woodhaven, but it still gets packed.

                    The bagel place on Metro in the shopping center with MRI place makes really good large bagels. They have yet to disappoint. Seems like the neighborhood thinks so also because that place always has at least 3 customers ahead of me when I go in on the weekends.

                    Also if you are into smoked fish there is place down 75th street - near cooper avenue that sells smoked fish. I don't know if it is even still there (I saw a for sale sign there a while back and haven't gone in a while), but they had good prices and service. Whenever I went I felt like it was a big secret. 6980 75th St - 718-894-1400 is the listing I found, but I usually just go there directly. It is hard to find, but great smoked salmon, lox, sable and whitefish. I probably spent double or triple at Russ and Daughters on Delancey for the same quality fish.

                    1. re: NYMike

                      718-326-2170 is the smoked fish place. They are usually opening in the mornings from Tue to Sunday. Call for hours if interested. Highly recommended. It is the real deal for smoked fish and delicacies if you are into that kind of thing.

                      1. re: NYMike

                        I told you Golden Harbor is good! We had their take out last night also-it was Wednesday after all-haha! We had the Sesame Shrimp, a chicken with mixed veggie combo and the cold noodles with Sesame sauce. The wontons with sesame are my dad's fav! They use that same sesame sauce of the cold noodles with sesame they just use a little more dark sesame oil in them.
                        I agree, that Milan sport looks very uninviting, I have never set foot in that place nor do I think I ever will. That is a shame that caffe latte is like that, I was hoping it would be good b/c I am at the bagel store every Saturday for my bagel fix (the bagels are great there especially the whole wheat) and I would have loved to go across teh street for a good frozen coffe drink, Starbucks is too much of a trek when you have a 4 year old with you.
                        I catuallu had my baby shower at Abbracciamento's and many other birthday celebrations since. I am Italian, my grandfather used to own an Italian restuarant and taught all of us to cook so it is very hard to impress me with Italian food so if I do go out for it, it HAS to be good and Abbracciamento's is GOOD! LA Vigna is also Italian on Metropolitan Ave-next to Sizzler, the chef there used to be the original chef for Lidia Bastianich's first restaurant-the cook on TV. Only been there once but the food was very good. Spolinis is also on Metropolitan, much further down, past Dee's-it is family style Italian, each plate serves 2-3 people-food was good there too-they have a pasta dish there, it is their special, bow ties with a pink sauce-very good. The atmosphere was a little goumba-ish with all the guys looking like they stepped out of a Sopranos episode but the staff was very welcoming.
                        I heard good about La Tavernetta also but have never been.
                        I do know about the sushi at the Amish market, it just isn't the same as having it fresh made-especially when avocado is involved.
                        We frequent Pio Pio's take out a lot, I am going to make it a point to go to the one in Jackson Heights and check it out.
                        Not into the smoked fish but my dad is a lover of it, I will have to relay the info to him, I am sure he will check it out.
                        How about Zum Stammticsh-ever been? or Chalet Alpina? Or Octoberfest in Atlas Park?
                        My husband has been talking about going out for German lately.

                        1. re: mccarthc

                          Ah German food.. I have been waiting for fall to actually arrive. It is something about the cooler weather that puts me in the mood for German. I usually go to Zum Stammtisch and find them very good. I like everything about the place and it has been the same for years. They are in the middle of an Octoberfest so it might be worth checking out.

                          We never been to Chalet Alpina, but also heard good things about the place. My parents went to Octoberfest and that found it just ok. It is very small in there.

                          I am the same way about going out for Italian food. It is what we usually make at home. When I go out I like to get things that are harder to make ourselves. For example, it would be more difficult to make sushi at home and probably just as expensive getting quality ingredients - I rather find a good restaurant.

                          Have you ever been in the European Deli on metro? I heard they have good polish food in there, but I never been there either.

                          I think the area needs a good greek place. My wife is greek and we always have to travel to get good Greek. People seem to like Corfu on Austin St - we haven't been there yet. We sometimes get souvlaki or spanakopita from the Metro Diner which is ok. We usually head into Astoria and go to Agnanti or Taverna Kyclades - both are good, but we have been favoring Agnanti lately. When by my mother-in-laws we sometimes go to Mythos on Northern - my wife said the calamari is the best she has ever had there. Know any good greek that we are missing?

                          Oh I just remembered there is a Peruvian place that is similar to Pio Pio on Grand Ave. called Wanka 7104 Grand Avenue (718) 476-9680
                          . They have Jalea (seafood salad) and other selections that Pio Pio doesnt have. We liked it, but still thought Pio Pio was better. Might be worth checking out. Do you get the Sangria when you go to Pio Pio? - its pretty good.

                          Ok now for the $64,000 question - Carlo's or Rosa's? Which do you prefer?

                          1. re: NYMike

                            I ordered sushi from Megumi last night, too lazy to cook again, remind me to NEVER NEVER ORDER FROM THERE AGAIN! I actually threw the menu I have in the house away, it was that bad. I was in a crazy sushi mood, probably from all this sushi chat, and did not want to go out so I ordered and I ordered 2 specialty rolls and 3 other rolls. Was about $50-and it all SUCKED! My husband said and I quote " I can't believe you just ordered $50 worth of SH@#! "NEVER AGAIN. I am being forced to cook tonight after that fiasco...
                            Yeah, all the good greek places are in Astoria, I personally do not like Greek food but have heard good things about MEzzo MEzzo in Astoria. Metro Diner-oohh yuck-have had so many bad experiences there. Fame Diner on Grand Ave is much better and I think the owners are
                            Greek. I know they have Greek stuff on the menu but couldn't tell you what they are like. They make an awesome chicken pesto wrap with mozzarella and sundried tomato though!
                            I have seen that place Wanka and never knew what kind of food it was.
                            What about Wakamatsu (again Japanese) on Grand Ave? Someone told me their take out was pretty good.
                            And for your $64,000 question, definitely Carlo's. Carlo's has really good brick oven and other specialty pizza. Rosa's has went downhill over the years. The only thing I will get at Rosa's is their Chicken Caesar salad slice, it is better than Carlo's-Carlo's drowns theirs with dressing. As for both of their red sauces, a disgrace to Italians everywhere, I stick to the pizza!

                            1. re: mccarthc

                              Sorry about your experience at Megumi. It is a consistently bad place - I've tried 3 times and each time it was horrible.

                              We usually have better luck with Wakamatsu. They delivery over to us and we are south of Metro. I wouldn't say they are my favorite, but they are good to order when you are lazy and don't feel like going out. I think the Sushi Deluxe is 12.95. They have some good rolls also. They are way better than Megumi and Toyo in my opinion, but they aren't a stand out sushi place by any means. You should give them a try though.

                              Everyone keeps saying that the Rosas on Metro has gone down hill. I don't see it. I still like their Sicilian slice. It still tastes like I remember getting from the Rosa's on Grand Ave (that is now a mcdonalds) when I was a kid. I agree about the chicken ceasar - but rosa's puts too much dressing also. My wife likes the eggplant slices from Rosa's. Their grandma slices come out pretty good once in a while.

                              We like Carlos for the onion slices - but find a lot of their pizza gets dried out. Their eggplant slice is pretty dry. I also get disappointed with their Broccoli Rabe panini - they cut the roll like a pac-man and stuff it on one side while the back has nothing. Their brick oven pizza is good - you just need to get it freshly made.

                              I agree about the sauce from both places. We were ordering eggplant marinara from Carlos for a little while, but it has been pretty bad lately.

                              I would say we probably order more from Rosa's - I guess I can't help it because I grew up on their pizza. I still love their sicilian slice. I do like Carlo's for a change of pace now and then.

                              Any other pizza you find better in the area?

                              You are right about Metro diner. I don't think they make anything in their particular well. Im not even crazy about their breakfasts - and usually diners are reliable for that.

                              It looks like we are running out of places to talk about in Middle Village and surronding area.

                              1. re: NYMike

                                I am going to give Wakamatsu a try. Nothing can be worse than what we ate last night. And when you are lazy, which is quite often lately with this crazy weather, it comes in handy to have a delivery joint that is decent.
                                In regards to Rosa's, I never was a complete fan, a lot of people love their sicilian b/c they have the sauce and the grated cheese on top. 2 reasons why I don't like their pizza. Their sicilian highlights how bad their sauce really is. My husband loves their sicilian also. If I am forced to go there, I order the white pizza or the chicken caesar salad slice. I prefer the Rosa's in Maspeth on 69th Street or Fresh Pond Rd, their food always just seemed better to me. The one on Fresh Pond made a pretty good linguini with white clam sauce.
                                Carlo's has a really good fried calamari but you have to eat it in, by the time you get it home, it gets soggy and rubbery.
                                Have you ever tried Nick's on Ascan Ave in Forest Hills?-I think it is coal oven pizza, very good. Very small menu but very good pizza.
                                I tried Leone's on Cooper Ave next to Atlas, I just had a regular slice there but it was good. Cannot vouch for anything else in the place. A lot of people order pizza from Villaggio, never have, have you?
                                I used to like Caruana's pizza with the sesame seed crust but they have changed hands a few times, I think it is Joey's now-we had delivery from there at a playgroup once, it was pretty good also.Oh and the pizzeria right next to Architots on Dry Harbor road, I have no idea what the name of it is, we had pizza from there at a kid's birthday party, it was good also. I make homemade pizza at home so when it comes to red sauced pizza that isn't brick oven, I usually make it myself . I like really crispy pizza and hate when you get one of those floppy ones, it drives me nuts!
                                Try Fame, consistently good diner...
                                As for the European Deli, I have tried the food there, depends on the time of day you go, the food it good. Try to go earlier around lunch time and the food is very fresh and good, go later and you get what has been sitting there since lunch. They make a good filet of sole sandwish there.
                                I don't know if you are familiar with Woodside or if you like Mexican take out but there is a great place on 48th Ave and 45th Street, my parents neighborhood. The food is great. They make wonderful guacamole and a grilled shrimp and veggie burrito. Very authentic, clean flavors, not killed with goopy sauce or anything. It is called El Jarro. If you search it on this sight, they are many reviewers that will tell you the same. Very tiny place, would reccomend taking out.

                                1. re: mccarthc

                                  What is the old saying on Pizza? Even when it's bad it's still pretty good. I guess it can be said about other things as well.

                                  I have tried Nick's in Forest Hills and they were very good.

                                  I'm glad you mentioned El Jarro - I was going to check it over the summer but never got to go. We have some friends that live in Woodside so we should check it out. They used to eat a place called La Flor on Roosevelt and 53rd st I think. Everything from that place was great and the prices were awesome. They ate there so much that it just got played out.

                                  At the European Deli do they have the filet of sole sandwich all the time are do they only make it once in a while? What other food do they have in there?

                                  I agree with you on the Fame Diner. I wish the Metro Diner was better because it is closer. It would be nice to have more places that we could just walk to and get good food.

                                  Do you use a pizza stone to get the crisp crust when you make it at home?

                                  1. re: NYMike

                                    El Jarro isn't in the nicest part of Woodside so be prepared. It is REALLY SMALL inside so like I said, I recommend the take out. I send my hubby there at least once a month. Everyone raves about the grilled cactus-YUCK. I have tried the steak there and was not impressed either, not sure what type of steak they use but VERY VERY thin . I would stick to chicken and shrimp there. They also make a Tinga de Puebla, it is like brisket stew, it is very good, comes with rice, avocado and rice and beans. Grilled shrimp burritos with veggies, still my fav! and the Tamarindo drink that they make there is also great! I send the hubby there at leaat once a month on his way home from work.
                                    I heard good and bad about La Flor. More good.
                                    They do have the filet of sole sandwich all the time but if they sold all the fish for the day, they will not make a new one so get their during lunchtime. My dad loves that place, he has had pierogi there, some sort of potatoes, other meat sandwiches and other plates( not too familiar with polish food) and he raves about their soups in the winter, I think cream of mushroom or something like that. When you go in there they have a counter and you can see all the food and ask them what it is.
                                    No stones, stones are good for making cookies, they will never burn! You need a well seasoned (used) pan and olive oil on the bottom of it and a little olive oil sprinkled on the top. You also need to cook the dough for about 15 minutes on really high heat with nothing on it before adding sauce, cheese, toppings, etc. That will ensure a good crispy crust. And semolina dough is always better-you can usually get at a bakery, I get mine at Russo's in Maspeth.

                                    1. re: mccarthc

                                      I thought with cook with a pizza stone you put in the over for a half hour before to preheat it and get it really hot so it crisps the bottom of the pizza when you put it directly on it. I never used one but I thought that was the purpose.

                                      Have you been to this place? I just seen a review in the Village Voice. I remember seeing this place and though it was a failed restaurant, but it seems like it reopened.

                                      Linda's Shell House
                                      60-11 Metropolitan Ave
                                      Ridgewood, NY 11385
                                      Phone: (718) 366-1818
                                      price: $

                                      This revamped and relentlessly green seafood shack–the new decor includes a pair of agreeable hand-painted murals–presents the usual fried selections, but also imparts a southern Italian twist, where appropriate. If the garlic crabs are not ready yet, get the garlic shrimp: five shell-on beauties “pressure cooked” with Old Bay seasoning, garlic, and hot sauce. Maybe there’s a dash of Worcestershire in there too; the flavor is unforgettable. Good too are the fish sticks–stubby fillets that taste better than you’d expect sided with steak fries and coleslaw.

                                      1. re: NYMike

                                        I have seen Linda's Shell house but always just drove past it.
                                        I will have to check it out.

                                        1. re: NYMike

                                          BTW,I tried Wakamatsu-MUCH better than Megumi. I had the lunch bento and everything was much better than Megumi. I added that to my delivery/ take out menu pile .

                                          1. re: mccarthc

                                            Glad you like Wakamatsu. How do you like it compared to Toyo? I think you probably like Toyo more than Megumi, but at least we both agree that Megumi is completely worthless :)

                                            I want to try that Linda's Shell House also. Do you remember a place on Flushing Ave in Maspeth (near the underpass) that served fried seafood. It was in white and there was no sign outside. The owner was known as Joe Fish. I miss that place - it was so good and inexpensive.

                                            1. re: NYMike

                                              I still like Toyo better, they have much better specialty rolls although Toyo is a little pricey. I love the wait staff in there also, they are always so nice to us when we go there. But for take out Wakamatsu is gonna be my new place. Megumi is completely off the list, I threw the menu out!
                                              I do not remember the place on Flushing Ave.
                                              There is a good place for fried fish /Korean in brooklyn-williamsburg/greenpoint area. It is called the Lady Octopus. Very good-the lady in there is a little brash though kinda like the soup nazi from Seinfeld but the food is always on the money.

                                          2. re: NYMike

                                            I live about a block away from Linda's Shell House-- this place closed a few months back, unfortunately.

              2. Hi!! I was planning on going to Toyo tonight and was searching the internet for any info on the place. The info was definately helpful. Being big on food myself and extremely picky, I would like to make a few suggestions... For Japanese, I always order from Mado (think it's Rego Park) excellent, fresh sushi and the price is amazing. For sushi that is a bit more pricey but absolutely fantastic, is Sato on Queens Blvd. You have to have the Sato roll, excellent! I ordered from Megumi once and NEVER again. Threw $80 worth of sushi in the garbage, inedible, not fresh at all.

                For chinese, I used to order from Golden Harbor all the time and would say they are still among my favorites, but I also tried Asia kitchen. Only order the chinese here, unless you get the Japanese Spring rolls in rice paper, they are good. The Thai is not to my liking. If I'm getting spare ribs, then it's Golden Harbor, for most other dishes, I order from Asia Kitchen on Metro. Not too greasy and saucy.

                For German food, Zum Stamtisch is the place. Huge portions though. Maybe I get too filled up on beer before the food comes : )

                For Greek, it has to be Astoria. I went to Corfu in Forest Hills, overpriced and not that great. I have been to many Greek places and one of my favorites is Telly's Taverna in Astoria. Good, simple, Greek food.

                I must say that most of my favorites are in Forest Hills. I don't really have a favorite Italian place since I make everything at home.

                If you are into Thai, you should try Q on Ascan Ave. in Forest Hills. A little pricey, but good food.

                Hope this helps.

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                1. re: midvil

                  Hi Mid vil,
                  How did u like Toyo?
                  I agree about Golden Harbor, I love that place and order from there every Wednesday. Their sesame Shrimp are excellent! I never have tried Asia but I have recvd their delivery menu in my mailbox, maybe I will give them a try one day.
                  I do not do Thai, I have tried it and just do not love it. I have heard great things about Sriphaphai-I think that is how you spell it, in Woodside.
                  I have to try Zum Stammtisch, I have heard many good things about that place also-any recommendations for this place???
                  What other favs do u have in Forest Hills? always looking to try a new place...

                  1. re: mccarthc

                    I think the food at Golden Harbor is mediocre at best. Unfortunately haven't found a place that's any better in the neighborhood, would love to find something.

                    Went to Toyo. I think it was great. Their special rolls were wonderful and the sushi was beautiful, fresh and delicious. Service was a little odd and disjointed, but very friendly. The food was good, so it wasn't a big issue with me.

                    I had sushi from Wakamatsu when they first opened. Swore I would never, ever go there again. Called and placed my order, went there to pick it up, had to wait a short time. When I got home, not even a five minute drive, the sushi was warm. Not warm like just not chilled. WARM! Blech.

                    1. re: squirrelly_wrath

                      Thanks MidVil for the recommendations. I have to check out Mado and Sato they sound like good places. I found some other reviews on the net and it looked positive.

                      I have to recommend another Thai place in Forest Hills on Metropolitan Avenue. It is called Star of Siam (It is near Danny Brown's Wine Bar). I usually order delivery from there, but we went to eat there a couple of weeks ago and really liked the place. Nicely decorated and very calm inside. It is very intimate with great service.

                      The food is very good - my wife likes the Chicken Massaman. I usually get the Salmon which is in a curry sauce. They consistently have a nice balance of spicy heat and flavor. The Tom Yum Goong soup is good also which my wife ordered. Without being asked the waitress brought an extra small bowl and spoon in case I wanted to share my wife's soup - nice touch and thoughtful service. The also have some good vegetarian dishes. I had the vegetarian duck dish and found it to be quite good. Their appetizers are decent although nothing really stands out. I thought they also had reasonable prices.

                      Also, how does Megumi stay in business being consistently bad?

                      Where is Asia Kitchen - is that the place by Subway near 73rd Place?

                      It seems like I have to give Toyo another shot..

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