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Aug 9, 2007 06:57 AM

Title Looking restaurant near Palais Royal with barrels of wine and sausages

We are going to Paris and I haven't been there since I lived there in the early 80's.
20 years ago I used to go to a wonderful little wine bar with big barrels of wine and great suasages and lentils...peasant food. I remember that the waiter was a dwarf. It was a wonderful place behind Palais Royal near the Bibliotheque National...Does it still exist? We will be renting an apartment near Bastille.
Any recommendations for restaurants to go to with children?
Merci Beacoups d'Avance!

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  1. There are two fun wine bars near Palais Royale. My favorite is Juveniles on rue Richelieu. Great saucisse and mashed.

    Au Bon Cru is the other and is located where you describe. No barrel by my recollection but good wines and good food. On Petite Champs.

    Both are reasoable and unpretentious.

    1. Could it be Willi's Wine Bar (13, rue des Petits-Champs)? It's just between the Palais Royal and the Bibliotheque Nationale. Also I think it is the brother of Juveniles. I can't remember if it has barrels or dwarves though.

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        Willi's is pretty fancy and touristy. The location is right but it isn't even close to the description. No barrels or dwarves. The description Marquerite gives sounds to me like Au Bon Cru.

        In the beginning Willi's and Juves were affilliated but no longer.

      2. My favorite wine bar is Rubis, at Place St. Honore. Original zinc bar inside with wine barrels outside where locals set their glasses and plates. Rubis hasn't changed in almost 40 years; even the wait staff looks the same. Of course we haven't aged a bit either! You will like the simple menu.