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Aug 9, 2007 06:49 AM

is it rude?

Is it rude to be invited for 'post-dinner drinks'- then to show up, announce that you are starving, and order delivery to your hosts home? just wondering ...

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  1. i would have to say yes, thats pretty rude/unbelievable behavior

    1. I guess I could see it being OK if the guests had something that legitimately prevented them from having dinner and asking if the hosts minded if you ordered out.

      However, with the way you put it, it doesn't seem terribly polite.

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      1. re: shellyesq

        it would depend on whether it was family or really best mates.

      2. definitely rude, but not outside of forgivable. I agree that it depends on your relationship to the host. next time, bring small-yet-filling post-dinner snacks like cheese.

        1. I think it's rude, no matter what - family or close friends. Pick something up on the way if you're starving. Your invitation was clear that it was drinks only.

          1. YES!!! Please tell us you did not consider this.

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            1. re: jfood

              i didn't do it. My guests did. Just wanted to see if my anal retentiveness had completely taken over or if it is indeed quite rude. But thanks for the vote of confidence jfood ;)

              1. re: nummanumma

                jfood could not believe you were the asker. restores jfood's confidence in the people he respcts on this site. :-))

                1. re: nummanumma

                  hah I had a date a while back where, after the movie (where said date had popcorn), said date ordered a pizza at my house.

                  which was annoying because I NEVER get delivery (it's a thing with me), and it meant he'd have to wait for the delivery to leave...

                  rude. needless to say, that (coupled with the 2 hour 9/11 Conspiracy Theory lecture he gave me) was our final meeting.

                    1. re: Jeserf

                      way too nice j. whenthe pizza arrived you should have just told them the person who ordered has left and send it to his house.

                  1. re: jfood

                    What happed to your usual friends before food thing?