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Aug 9, 2007 06:46 AM


Hi All!

I'm looking for a good restaurant with good ambience in downtown Toronto that has an absolutely amazing dip. Like a Cheese dip or Spinach dip.

All suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. I happened upon a very cool place called Cafe Taste in Parkdale a couple of weeks ago. It is a dark resto with mismatched seats and tables. Their specialties are: coffee, wine, and cheese. We had a cheese fondue that was chosen according to our preferred types of cheeses. Then, they made some excellent (mainly Ontario) wine suggestions to accompany. It really was an excellent find, and very inexpensive. It really is a cafe, though, rather than a restaurant. They have nightly entertainment, including live music, films, wine tastings, and game nights. Have a look to see if this is up your alley: