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Aug 9, 2007 06:31 AM

Casual sit-down sat. lunch in Santa Monica

I'm flying to LA this Saturday and am planning on meeting up with my brother in or near Santa Monica for lunch that day. He's a pretty picky eater (and has some dietary restrictions for health reasons) so any type of ethnic food is out. He likes sandwiches, burgers, chicken, pizza (I guess you'd call this American food?). I was thinking of Nook Bistro but it's not open for lunch on Saturday. My other thought was Bay Cities, which I've seen recommended on this board, but my impression is that it's just for take out and it'd be really nice to be able to sit down somewhere so we can linger over our lunch and catch up. Any other ideas? I'm looking to spend about $10-15/person (we won't be drinking at lunch and he's under 21). Father's Office is out by the way because there are things on the burger he won't eat and I've heard they are strict on no substitutions. Thanks.

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  1. There is a nice little restaurant on the south side of the Santa Monica Airport called the Spitfire Grill. They have a great patio as well as inside seating that seems like it would be a good fit given your description of your friends likes and dislikes.

    1. Bay Cities does have some outdoor seating (concrete park bench style) if you don't mind either facing a busy road or their parking lot.

      How about Jinky's Cafe
      1447 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA (warning, there's really annoying auto-start music on this website


      It's got quite a variety including all the stuff you've listed your brother would like and is well-received for lunch (you can search chowhound for a few posts on the place.) There's a location right off of the Third St Promenade.

      1. Rose Cafe is a good option. Lovely patio, within your price point, and solid food (even for the picky eater).

        1. you could try the Library Alehouse

          1. Axe
            World Cafe
            Chaya Venice