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Aug 9, 2007 06:20 AM

Perugia Chocolate Festival

Has anyone been? I will be in the area at that time, but I don't know if it is worth it or not.

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  1. I haven't, although I'm thinking about going this year; you might want to post this (or do a search) over at the forums at SlowTrav ( or Expats in Italy ( .

    I know people on there have gone, and from what I've read, most have enjoyed it.

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    1. Go! Go! Go!

      We just came back and Perugia is such a fun city! We were there for the Umbria Jazz Fest and the whole town was saying that the whole city comes alive for the Choc. Fest.

      Perugia is where Perugina Chocolate orignated from (now owned by the rest of the free world).

      1. I will be going! I'll be in Italy all of October, but I made sure that I'd be in Perugia while the Chocolate Festival is going on!

        BTW, if any Chowhound readers are interested in getting together in Perugia for a few hours, let me know.

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          1. Just came back from Perugia in October 2008 from the chocolate festival. It's held in the old historical center which is stunningly beautiful. I had trouble before leaving getting any English information from the official website so just showed up for the first day.
            There were tens of covered stalls selling mainly Italian chocolate of very high quality, in bars, truffles flavored with chilli, coffee,, tequilla, cardamon. There were churros and hot chocolate, dipped chocolate bananas, sachertorte with hot chocolate sauce and cream and chocolate liquers.
            There were crepes and flat breads filled with hazlenut spread, white chocolate with saffron, all at over 2 - 3 euros a bar and vry few free samples. There was a huge black and white chocolate chess set by Nuovi and Perugina had several chocolate block sculptures going where the chips flew off and you ate them. It was packed during the day and totally jammed on Sunday. At one point, we ducked down a side street to avoid going back through the crowds. There were huge blocks of nougat for 65 euros a kilo, cremino blocks for 38 a kilo and it all looked high quality, but for a chocoholic like me ( or at least I thought I was) it all felt rather sanitary and seemed a little expensive. Would I go again? No once was enough, but if you happen to be in Perugia to eat or for other reasons, at the time of the festival, yes, it's definitely worth seeing.