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Aug 9, 2007 05:49 AM

Smoked Corn: Best Thing I've Eaten All Summer

So I was getting ready to make some beer can chicken in the smoker a few days ago. I was also planning to fire up the grill, where I planned to cook some veggie kebabs, a steak, and some corn on the cob. Except I got lazy and didn't make the kebabs, and the person who was going to bring the steak canceled on me.

So all that was left was the corn, and I didn't feel like lighting another set of coal just for that. So I figured, why not put the corn in the smoker?

Oh. My. God.

After about an hour at 300 degrees, the ears of corn were spectacularly bronzed but still juicy. They had lots of smoky flavor but were still sweet and corn-y. Best of all, since you eat corn with your hands, the cob spends a lot of time near your nose, so you get a strong smoky aroma while you're eating. It's like a stereo broadcast -- mouth, nose, mouth, nose.

I don't recall having seen smoked corn on a bbq menu before. Anyone else? Seriously, it's AMAZINGLY good. Can't believe I never tried it before.

Oh, and the chicken came out very nicely too. But we were all too busy marveling over the corn to care about that.....

-- Paul

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  1. Easy question: Did you leave the husks on or did you remove them?

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      No silk, no husk -- just naked ears of corn.

    2. I saw a "procedure" for smoked corn (quoted b/c the procedure was basically peel back the husks, remove silks, put the husk back, smoke for an hour or two) at VirtualWeberBullet and considered doing it this past weekend (even smoked the pork shoulder on the lower grill so that I could drop the grill with corn over top) but then it occurred to me that by the time I should put the corn in, I was well-past the smoking stage of things (electric smoker) and was concerned that if I dropped more wood in at that point the pork would get bitter. It was the first time using the smoker so I didn't want to mess around too much.

      Fortunately, I don't just cheat at BBQ, I cheat at grilling, too - threw them on the gas grill and away I went. Maybe next time I'll try it.

      1. It doesn't get chewy after a whole hour?

        1. Thanks for sharing that one, I'm going to try it. I just did corn tonight and it was wonderful. I have to tell you my "mistake" was I had hot pepper relish on my plate and it got mixed in with the butter and subsequently onto the corn.....was so good I went and got another ear and added more relish to the butter and mixed it together, well it's the best thing I've eaten all summer. :-)