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Aug 9, 2007 05:25 AM

Need help with my tortilla espanol


I've tried for the second time to make tortilla espanol following Jose Andres's recipe only to have the eggs come out too fluffy. Not that there's anything wrong with fluffy eggs, but I'm looking to make more of a creamy omelet. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Is my heat to high? Do I need to beat my eggs some more?

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  1. hi. i am not familiar with the exact recipe you used but when i googled it a recipe with heavy cream turned up, which i think is not necessary and overkill. it’s meant to be a very simple and humble dish. my husband and i have really worked on perfecting our tortilla espanol and it gets the seal of approval of our barcelona born friend.

    basically, we thinly slice a bunch of nice yukon gold potatoes in our food processor and mix them up with healthy bit of kosher salt. we then add them to a non-stick pan with about ½” of extra virgin olive oil. gently stir them being careful not to break them. after 5 minutes add 1 medium red onion which has been chopped finely. again, take care not to brown the potatoes – adjust heat accordingly.

    in the meantime, beat egg or nine eggs and add some pepper and some freshly chopped flat leaf parsley. when the potatoes are finished cooking drain off all the olive oil and add them to the egg mixture carefully. then put the entire mix back into the non stick pan over medium heat. you may cover the pan at this point. after about five minutes, check to see if it is setting well around the edges and if and when it is, slide it onto a big round plate. then, carefully (!) put the pan over the plate and flip the whole thing. this is hairy but once you get it, it’s like riding a bike. put back on the heat to finish and either slide it off when done, or do the reverse flip.

    i apologize for not being specific about some of this recipe. it’s really trial and error! let me know how you do!

    p.s. love the name "miss needle". are you a nurse?

    1. It sounds like you're adding too much egg (or too little potato). You can add more potato to the mixture, or reduce the number of eggs you use. Once in the hot pan, don't fuss around too much with it and finish beneath the broiler. That should fix the fluff.

      1. Do the potatoes need to be boiled first or can you make it with raw potato?

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          Raw potato. My parents both make tortilla espaňola all the time. I find it's not as easy as they make it look! I have tried & failed. They use e.v. olive oil(lots), sliced potatoes, onion, garlic and eggs, and salt of course. They start by cooking the sliced onion, adding the potatoes, letting them cook (takes a little bit of time), adding garlic (paste they make themselves) and then the beaten eggs. I would have to ask how much of each. Then it's knowing when to flip it. It's an art.
          When I tried to make it, it came out like a potato omelette unfortunately, not like a tortilla.

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            That is largely how I learned to make it (except no garlic). And instead of flipping it, I put it beneath the broiler. And in all my years of eating/making tortilla española, not once did it come out "creamy."

            To the OP: My mother might have been an awful cook, but given that we ate tortilla at least once a week, I think she knew what she was doing with this one. You can aim for dense, you can aim for dry, but you don't really want "creamy." The way this is prepared, if your eggs are creamy, you either prepared scrambled eggs and hash or undercooked your eggs.

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              JM, yes, my parents the garlic-hounds! comes out pretty good though; agree with the other comments as well.
              mainsqueeze, I think you (me too) need to add more potatoes, for one. It's all in the practice (but since my parents make it so well...). Sometimes they add chopped dried chorizo, jamon serrano, soppresatta or other cured meat, or spinach. I believe they use a large non-stick only used for tortilla.

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              Morebubbles, mine always comes out that way too. I have a hard time getting it to be really dense, like the ones I've eaten in spain.

          2. I'm not familiar with Jose Andres or his recipe, but I'm a little confused about "creamy" - to me that's more a question of how htoroughly the eggs are (or are not) cooked. But it may be that "beating" the eggs at all, let alone "more", is the problem? Assuming this is the generally "frittata"-like thing I know as a Spanish omelette (tortilla), all you really want to do is mix the eggs enough to break up the yolks some with a fork - blend, but don't incorporate more air than necessary.

            1. What kind of skillet should I be using?

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                Morebubbles has the right idea. Use a large non-stick pan. The 9" should do the trick for a 6 egg tortilla.