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Aug 9, 2007 05:14 AM

Dinner near Patriot Center

Any recommendations for a place to have dinner before a show at the Patriot Center?

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  1. It's about a 7-10 minute drive down Braddock Rd towards the beltway from the Patriot Center but San Vito's at Braddock and Burke Lake Road is pretty good. There's a restaurant directly across the street from the Mason campus called Brion's but I've only had drinks there. It often has a line waiting to get in which means it can't be too bad.

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    1. re: NovaDave

      Realize that this an old thread, by I will be attending a show at the Patriot Center and am looking for a nearby dinning option, preferably something veggie-friendly.

      1. re: ingramcol

        "Arties" in Fairfax Circle is excellent and about a five minute drive. It is near Rt. 50 in Fairfax.

        1. re: ingramcol

          There are several Indian restaurants nearby. I believe the one right down University Drive is called Bombay Garden. Then there is Bombay Bistro right on the corner at 29 and 123.

          There is also a Thai restaurant...Courtside, I believe, right in the heart of historic Fairfax with a parking garage nearby.

          1. re: anni

            Thanks for recs.

            Either the thai place or the indian one would work.

            Do you have a preference?

            1. re: ingramcol

              Minerva, an indian place on 29 near the intersection of 123 is wonderful. I like it better than Bombay Bistro, which is right at the intersection of 123 and 29. The two places are less than .5 miles apart.