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50th birthday/approx 45-50 people

I am trying to help plan my mom's 50th birthday in mid/late september. she loves all kinds of foods and atmospheres, but would probably like to stay away from kitsch or mexican. something nice--we were considering mastro's and roy's but i think they both already had parties booked the weekend in question. any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. the patio at pane e vino would be great.

    upstairs2 is a good choice for parties.

    also, gardens on glendon or napa valley grille in westwood would accommodate those parties well.

    1. What about places like Musha,

      Or perhaps O Dae San for a Korean feast? That would be fun for all.

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        I don't think Musha could handle that many people (at least the one in Santa Monica)

      2. I went to a birthday party at Campanile. We had the entire back dining room for the party. The food, wine, service and atmosphere were all great.

        1. You didn't specify a neighborhood, but I'm a big fan of Chez Mimi for special events. The food there is quite good, Her prices are not outrageous and the space is lovely. You can have appetizers and drinks on the outdoor patio, then go to one of the private rooms. Mimi really works with you to create what you want, and the staff is top notch.

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            Forgot Chez Mimi and love it.

            Wanted to add
            Il Moro
            i Cugini

          2. another spot that can accomodate 40-50 easily would be opus. they have an enclosed patio area that can fit up to 70 (iirc).

            1. Osteria Mozza has a private party room - it's the door just beside the Pizzeria's entrance, I believe - but I think the maximum capacity might be 40, just shy of your number.

              1. I did a party at the top of the store Barneys NY at Barneys Greengrass, which is not generally open at night. It was a gorgeous setting-indoor/outdoor space with views of Beverly Hills and the food was excellent. There is also a party space at Barefoot on Third Streetand Prago in Beverly Hills (not sure of the capacity.) A few of The Grove Restaurants have party spaces-the Italian one and Whisper Lounge. I really like Campanile and Chez Mimi for parties.

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