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Aug 8, 2007 09:54 PM

menus with vegetarian options mon. county

my future wife(vegetarian) and i(not vegetarian) have been seeking out quality places for the past couple of years. lately we've been driving farther and farther. i am a cook and i want her to be exposed to more than veggie burgers and fettucine alfredo. we've found some good places of all prices and cuisines, but i'm always wanting to find something new.

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  1. Have you tried Kaya's Kitchen in Belmar, or Sister Sue's and Twisted Tree in Asbury Park?

    1. Here is a recent chowhound discussion on vegetarian places in NJ"

      Have you tried the Eurasian Eatery in Red Bank? I tried it for the first time recently and was very pleased. The food is truly unique. They have many vegetarian and some vegan items. You have to have an open mind because the food is really different and the descriptions don't always match what you get. I ordered a parsnip pate and got some deep-fried vegetable squares with dipping sauce. They were delicious; but not what I consider pate. The desserts were really good.

      I really like All Mixed Up on West Park Avenue in Ocean Twp. It's kind of like "Saladworks" but it's not a chain and the food is very fresh, very good quality. I like the salads and burritos. Don't like the soups.

      If you'd like a superb upscale treat, go to Restaurant Nicholas. In addition to their regular menu, they have a vegetarian menu -- I think it's called the Garden Menu. I ordered from it a few years ago and was very pleased.

      Eurasian Eatery
      110 Monmouth St, Red Bank, NJ 07701

      All Mixed Up
      809 W Park Ave, Ocean, NJ 07712

      Restaurant Nicholas
      160 State Route 35, Red Bank, NJ 07701

      1. Zuleyka's Kitchen in Red Bank (on West Park just west of Broad St) is a decent little Carribean themed deli-type place with good, fresh, affordable lunches. There is usually at least one vegetarian option on the specials board and also some nice vegetarian soups.

        Down by Seven Presidents Park in Long Branch is one of the Osaka locations. It's in the building with Krausers and the Windmill. I don't think the sushi there compares to that at the Ortley Beach location, but they also have a good Thai selection. I have been addicted lately to their green curry with shrimp. They have many vegetarian options.

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          Zuleyka's is on Front street, west of Broad. They have really good turkey chili and Cuban sandiwches. I haven't tried their veggie choices. I think they are only open for lunch as well.

          1. re: Densell

            Oh, my bad. I did mean West Front. Glad you caught that.

            Was there today for lunch and had a great bowl of sweet potato carrot soup and a dish of savory, melt-in-your-mouth carne asada. Zuleyka is a nice lady and she's obviously proud of her food. She's open for breakfast, too. I do wish she'd invest in real dishes for dining in. The styrofoam plates and plastic ware are so wasteful, never mind being unappealing to eat off of.

            As for vegetarian, there was a grilled veggie sandwich on the specials board. Not sure though what was in it though. And at least two of the soups were vegetarian plus one that was cauliflower-cheddar.

            1. re: willblake72

              thanks for your input everyone, i suppose i should have included some places i've already tried including kaya's kithchen, sister sue's( real good, but sometimes they're not open, sometimes they're out of all fish...), eurasian eatery i love until 2 hours later, for some reason i get heartburn when i go there, nicholas i felt was a little overrated, but it was a buisness thing so i'd be willing to give it another shot.also-market in the middle(good), and bamboo leaf in br. beach(also good).

              anyone ever been to twisted tree? i've heard that name come up frequently lately.
              oh, and i've no problem going to ocean county...

          2. re: willblake72

            I recently tried Zuleyka's... GREAT soups! I found the plantain mash and the black beans to be a little too vinegar-y. But I do love my latin cuisine, so I'd go back! I'd love to try their coconut chicken...

          3. Jesse's Cafe in Long Branch is vegetarian.

            1. Hi, I would definitely suggest Zaitooni's in Red Bank. A few fellow Chowhounders recommended this tiny but delicious little place. There are several vegetarian options on their authentic Lebanese menu and options for yourself as well. I believe they are open every day. If you are looking for ambience, you will not find it here but the owner is very nice and the place is clean. The food is wonderful, takes me back to Beirut.

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                this one is out of the area, but really worthwhile, if you get a chance...

                it is real honest vegetarian gourmet:

                Park and Orchard


                It's in Rutherford, not far from Route 3/ Meadowlands...

                here's the direct link for the dinner menu: