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Aug 8, 2007 09:49 PM

Late night dining in No. VA?

It's almost 1 AM and I am very, very hungry. Where can a girl go on a night such as this for a quick and delicious meal? I live in Annandale, but suggestions in surrounding areas would be nice as well.

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  1. i just got back from eating in Annandale, at Bon Chon for the first time. If you like Korean food Annandale has of plenty late eats. call bon chon and see if they are still open, There's a few late places on Little River Turnpike. Yeechon is one. Google for it.

    1. Full Kee in Bailey's Crossroads (same shopping center as Trader Joe's) used to be open until 2 AM on week nights and 3 AM on weekends. I'm not sure if they still keep those hours, but the next time you get hungry late, you can give them a call. (703) 575-8232

      Just in case that's an old phone number (it was from a 2004 listing) better cal during the day to verify it first or you'll make someone very unhappy. ;)

      1. Recommend highly Metro 29, Lee Hwy and Glebe in Arlington. Great and generous food. I love their spinach pie, eggs florentine (just ask) with fries not hash browns, the beef tenderloin/filet skewer is very tender and flavorful, cream soups good, huge omelets (enough to share), lovely pastries, good coffee. clean. ALL non-smoking! good service. easy to park. safe neighborhood. well lit.