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Aug 8, 2007 08:12 PM

Top Chef-Night Life (Spoiler)

OK, so Dale wins the quickfire and Tre wins the elimination. Sarah Nugyen is the next person to be thrown under the bus by Howie. Granted Sarah Nugyen really didn't pull her weight, and I thought the rest of the chefs really didn't feel like she belonged because the big farewell was really subdued. Maybe they all saw it coming.

I liked what Dale said about Hung's quickfire stuff, it was hilarious. Of course Hung finished last in the quickfire challenge with Casey and her Surache ice cream.

The whole premise of the elimination challenged was wicked, not that I didn't enjoy it. But that is just playing with people's heads. You could just see all of them deflate when they saw Padma Govind Armstrong.

The shrimp on grits by Tre looked awesome. Ted Allen made a good point of saying that the ceviche was tasty but then how hard is it to make ceviche tasty.

I am liking Howie less and less, he is a real weasel. Things begin to look bad and he starts to ooze out of his skin trying to get out of trouble. He did manage to get rid of one of the Sarah's. She was a weak link though.

By the way, this episode was kind of cool for me because I am a big volleyball fan. So when CJ said that he played pro volleyball for three years, I looked him up. Don't know where he went to college but he played on a team that finished second this year in USA Volleyball Men's Open. This is the top level of competition in adult volleyball. The teams are usually made up of former college players, i.e. you gotta have game to play there. Now I want to know where he played in college and pros.

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  1. I'm not so quick to fault Howie - I felt that he was being honest. Brutally honest? Yes, of course, but I don't feel like a Top Chef grilling by the judges is any time to pull punches. Tre definitely deserved the win. As a Hung fan, all I can say is...what was he thinking during that quickfire? He has demonstrated a severely retarded understanding of desserts in this competition. It might be his undoing in the final stages of the show.

    All in all, a good episode, even if the elimination challenge was shadily staged. Does a top chef really have to know how to sell street food to drunks when theyre clearly not in 'work' mode? I don't know. But it was a good setting to really test their mettle, and Sara was clearly the one who faltered the most.

    1. Hung is his own worst enemy. He is a talented chef, but he aims too high and falls flat on his face.

      1. I am SO glad you clarified that CJ played volleyball....maybe my ears are getting old, but I heard him say that he was a "professional boggle player." Like the game, boggle, you know??? And I'm thinking "There are professional Boggle players?? Really""


        I would love to try those shrimp and grits. I LOVE shrimp and grits in almost any incarnation....

        1. Read in an interview that CJ went to Pepperdine, which I think has a very good volleyball program.

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            OK, I just checked. Chris Jacobsen went to Pepperdine. He was on the National Runner up team in 1998. In fact, he turned an ankle in the second game and had to leave the game, which allowed UCLA to run roughshod over the Pepperdine middle and win the championship. He also had 12 kills and 1 error in the semifinal match against Princeton.

            He was second team all American in 1998.

            So, the man was a stud.