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Aug 8, 2007 07:48 PM

RW Review: Lima

I went to Lima with a group of 7 people and had an overall pleasant and fun experience, with a couple exceptions.

Started off with bread and lime butter. The butter was very tasty and the bread was good/fresh but had a pretty crusty shell which made it hard to eat. The choices for the RW menu at Lima were somewhat limited. Most of my group got the ceviche of the day for an appetizer. It was good but not amazing. The flavors were there but the fish was chewy at times. We had to have the ceviche mixto so it had shrimp, tuna, salmon, and some sort of white fish. I would have liked one with all one type of fish but what can you do.

For entres there was a choice of a cuban chicken dinner (good but not a ton of flavor) a salmon dish with a corn tamale (well prepared and tasty) and a churrasco (flat iron steak). I got the churrasco and ordered it medium- it came super rare, so I sent it back. It came back fairly quickly and still looked a little undercooked but I was not in the mood. It was actually a very nice, very flavorful piece of meat and the sauce was wonderful but there wasn't enough of it (billed as a chimichurri but it was definitely not a traditional chimichurri). It came with plain white rice and grilled vegetables. Also, the chicken came with fried plantains which I was so excited to taste but they were thin and not quite crispy but not soft either. Boo.

Before I get to dessert, let me say a little about the service. We were being served all night by the maitre'd with help from others, and he was kinda rude. I think he took one look at us 20-somethings and decided he didn't need to be nice. We had to ask what the ceviche of the day was and he didn't crack a smile the whole night. Then he told us that dessert was "chocolate cake and orange cake." As an "emerging foodie" trying to enjoy restaurant week, I thought that was kinda curt and annoying (am I being too harsh?) So I said, what kind of cake is it? I got a little bit more out of him but then gave up and went for the chocolate... which ended up being excellent. Almost like a souffle but without the gooey inside and served with melty ice cream.

Also, their decor is very cool and the space itself (which is a bar/ club downstairs) is impressive, though it was loud and hard to hear anyone who wasn't sitting right next to me. Here's a link to their RW menu: Would love to hear about anyone else's experiences here.

Lima Restaurant
1401 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20005

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  1. I dined at LIMA last night with four others to kick off RW and have a few things to add:

    > The fresh, warm bread and whipped lime butter were a big hit and delicious! Slightly chewy and crispy, but not overly done.
    > The appetizer choices are limited, as is most of the RW menu there, but people were very happy with the tender mixto ceviche, and I had the empanada (1). The empanada was good, not mind-blowing, and a little too oily for me. The creamy cilantro sauce for dipping was excellent though!
    > After reading several reviews of LIMA, I was honestly expecting much worse (food and service-wise). But they must have pulled it together that night for RW though, because our party had nothing but compliments. Most people had the flat iron steak smothered in grilled veggies and a cilantro sauce and each person was happy with the degree to which it was cooked.
    > I was brave and ordered the $10 upcharged freshly line-caught Chilean sea bass -- delicious, huge, moist and tender, encrusted with pecans and cilantro. It came with tender roasted fingerling potatoes and sweet yams. Although I have to say the theme of the night was this delicious green cilantro sauce doused over every dish! Fortunately, it was delicious, so no one cared!
    > The desserts were also a hit, although the choices were limiting: "chocolate cake," creme brulee and flan. No one tried the flan but the other two were very tasty -- warm, fudgy cake round with melty, flavored ice cream (I believe, dulce de leche). In about four bites, it was gone!
    > Our service was fine, nothing exceptional. We were disappointed the waiter never asked us for coffee or more drinks by dessert. It would have been nice with the cake
    > But overall, a very nice evening!