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Aug 8, 2007 06:55 PM

Looking for alternative for Mesa Grill

I am coming to NYC for the first time end of this month (girls trip for 2 in late thirties), and have made all of our dinner reservations based on chowhound references.

Friday - Mesa Grill

Saturday - Telepan

Sunday - Babbo

I was reviewing our choices last night and I don't think I am really pleased with the menu as much as I should be. One place that has intrigued me is Stanton Social, I know it is all small plates, I think we would enjoy sharing to try more items. It looks fun, but seeing that we are replacing a reservation for a Friday night will it be too busy? What do you recommend that is casual, fun, and a place we can get spend around $60-$75 pp with drinks?

Thanks for advance for the recs.

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  1. I would also find an alternative to telepan.. I am not a huge fan.

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    1. re: Daniel76

      Thank you Daniel, however other CH's have highly recommended it, and I am really only looking to change Mesa Grill. Location is really not an issue as we will take a cab. So any suggestions?

      1. re: LunasMom

        I would look into Casa Mono, Degustation, Alta and Staton Social if you want to do small plates. My preference leans toward the first two.

        1. re: jdream

          My preference would lean towards the latter. I can easily have a satisfying dinner with wine for $40 at Alta; Stanton Social, given its party atmosphere seems to encourage me to usually spend well beyond my means. It is, however, a unique and fantastic restaurant that I would encourage you to try. Degustation is also a restaurant in that same vein, although different in terms of cuisine. You could conceivably escape with a bill under $75.

          I do think Mesa Grill is worth a go, however. I went two weeks ago and was blown away by the phenomenal chiles rellenos and skirt steak. Margaritas were pretty good, too.

    2. I would consider Mesa Grill for brunch.

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      1. re: superfly

        I would suggest Kuma In for asian small plates. And its BYOB

      2. Okay CH's I have not seen anything recently when I did a search on Petrossian. I have reviewed the menu and it looks spot on with my weakness': foi gras, cavier, and steak tartar. How is the atmosphere? Has anyone been, give me a review please.

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        1. re: LunasMom

          Growing up, my parents would take me and my sisters there on special occasions for champaign and caviar. I remember feeling like an adult when I went.

          1. Highly recommend Stanton Social

            1. I think your instinct with Stanton Social is right on. You're doing more traditional dining experiences the other two nights, so why not do something funky, lively, and more share-able the other night. Those french onion soup dumplings are pretty damn good too!

              Also, the Lower East Side is a great neighborhood for night life, so two 30 somethings will love it.