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Aug 8, 2007 06:46 PM

St. Louis - Vegetarian options, high end?


I'm looking for some advice.

Some friends are leaving the country and we'd like to take them out for a special meal. It will be a party of four, with two vegetarians, one fish eater, and one person who likes his steak cold.

High end is fine, price isn't much of an issue, ethnic would be fine, but we're really looking for something 'special.'


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  1. I would look at Terrene. They always interesting veg. options in a high end (IMHO) setting.

    1. There was a time I would have recommended King Louie's but alas my favorite restaurant is no more. I would suggest Atlas Bistro and Lunchroom on Pershing Ave. They always turn out a fine meal for herbivores and carnivores alike!

      1. Terrene, Atlas, or Harvest, Niche, An American Place, et. al... I would call during pre-service hours a few days before and talk with the chef or at least the manager and see what they can recommend or even come up with as a special. You will be able to tell by the attitude whether this is taken as a friendly challenge or an inconvenience.

        1. I've found that Monarch has a vegetarian tasting menu - but reviews suggest it's a hit or miss place, any opinions?

          1. My vegetarian friend, when she wants a high end meal, goes to Savor on Lindell.