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Aug 8, 2007 06:35 PM

2 West Review: 1/2 Star Food in a 5 Star Hotel.

Located in the gorgeous lobby of the ultra-chic and swank Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 2 West is a serene, calm oasis of exotic wood, glass and lush carpets. Well spaced, extra large tables in a muted, hushed setting make for one of the most romantic and refined dining spots in the city.
We started with drinks at the 14th floor terrace bar ,The Rise. Very few venues offer more spectacular views. The spectacle of lower manhattan, the battery and the south, east and west views unfold before your eyes in incredible fashion.

Downstair.s for dinner.

Greetstaff very gracious. Service pleasant, accomodating and attentive. Dinner started off promising with a nice bread basket of black warm onion rolls a mini-baquettes, but went downhill thereafter. A complimentary plate of small, pillow-like hollow potato chips were greasy and undersalted. The garlic aoili dipping sauce was bland. The usual any thing passes for Caesar Salad "Pseudo-Caesar Salad" was some red-leaf lettuce with parmesean in vinagrette. The other appetizer of a jumbo shrimp cocktail raised my suspicions when I noticed their glossy sheen. Confirmation of probably packaged, frozen crustaceans were confirmed by their mushy texture and slighty off, butt not spoiled taste. A ketchupy cocktail sauce helped disguise the ruse.

For the main we both had Colorado lamb chops. Their charred appearance was explained after tasting them and coming to the sad realization they were char-broiled a la` Roy Rogers Steakhouse. What a sad fate for such a noble piece of meat. Their gamey taste also didn't help.A "saucier" makes the rounds in a humongous cart. offering several sauces. We opted dor the portabello mushroom which tasted canned and the cold [surprise!] horseradish sauce that would have been better served with the shrimp. The stuffed baked potato was excellent though, reminding us of the days when potatoes were more often baked in the often rather than sterilized in the microwave.
A strange sounding "Fudge Filled Peach" dessert seemed to be one of those "Desserts in a Kit." A hard half peach over cake filled with a chocolate center.

The adage that hotel restaurants dont have really good food applies here. Even though many are making an attempt, they seem to fall short. However, I'll keep trying !

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  1. Could not agree more. Last time and only time there (a couple of years ago) we had mushy seafood. The half lobster they served was terrrible and when I sent it back they brouhght the same lobster back to me saying "the chef says it's okay". As I was starting to get up and leave the chef came out and said he maid a mistake and would remake it or send something else I wanted out.
    We were redeeming a gift certificate we bid on at a charity auction so they could not "comp" anything. I was so disgusted I could not wait to, get out of there. The service was amatuerish and uncaring. When the, 13 year old looking manager came over I was so mad I refused her invitation to send desserts up to our room.
    Morale of the story is don't get so mad you give up dessert!

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      Hmmm, I go there for lunch often, and once and a while get a dud dish (which I send back--hanger steak was a recent dud), but for the most part, it's good food, gracious service, and all is well. The cold lobster salad, the scallops, fish... all has been good. They used to have some fab chocolate desserts.

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        I've had good lunch experiences too. Relaxed service. They even prepared a special birthday dessert for my companion with no advance notice on my part. And they would not charge us for it because it was a birthday.