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Aug 8, 2007 06:31 PM

New London lunch

Hey all,
I am driving to P-Town and want to stop in New London for a chow hound lunch. Want good food ambience is not an issue. Where should I go? Seafood would be nice but really what's the best lunch place in New London?

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  1. Captain Scott's is a nice place for lunch - on the water - good lobster roll. There is a new restauarnt called Lucca's Wine Bar on Bank Street that's new - I haven't eaten there yet but the menu looked interesting - changes daily - salads and light meals it looked like for lunch and inside looked pretty. Brie and Blue on Bank Street has a menu that features its fabulous cheeses - and there is a wine store next door that you can buy wine to drink with your lunch. They have a deck out back that has a view of the river. Also on Bank Street I think its called Anastasia's - its next to an art gallery a couple of doors down from Brie and Blue - they have wonderful soups, salads and sandwiches and seating outside. Cafe 57 also on Bank Street (after Howard) has good food and fantastic desserts.

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      I'm going to New London next week (I visit family every summer) and I CANT WAIT for my Capt. Scott's Lobster Rolls!
      Last year I made it there twice within the week that I was in town.

    2. I have had little luck finding a decent place to eat in New London. My son goes to school there, and we've generally ended up at a chain place - he's just happy to get away from cafeteria food.

      We did go to a place a the south end of Bank Street once - I believe it was Ecuadorean - that I thought was pretty good. It's on the water side of the street. Low key and filled with S. American customers.

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        Thanks for the tip. Lobster roll sounds perfect!

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          Trnrbrnr - I don't know what day you tried to hit lunch - Sunday can be quite tricky - but I highly suggest walking Bank Street. There are some wonderful choices.

          moomoo60 - a few more suggestions - There is also an Indian restaurant on State Street (just walk up the hill of Bank at the parade) that is very good. Good burgers that way as well at the historic Dutch Tavern (Eugene O'Neill's father tipped back there). And there is a new place on Pequot where Schooner's was (next to hotdog/lobster roll/ seafood stand whose name escapes me - which is also great for lunch) on the river and run by the famous Stash - called On the Waterfront - that the New London Day just recommended its cajun fish sandwich for lunch.

          New London is trying and may be lacking in many areas but a place for lunch - in my opinion - is definitely not one of them.