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Aug 8, 2007 06:00 PM

Pho 21

so i had heard all this great stuff about Pho Viet. about it being a great vietnamese BWOW in the village. so i tried it out...several times..and it was pretty good. got used to it at least. then Pride came around and i called to make a reservation just to find out that it was closed for the "holidays" so i knew there was another place across the street that was not known at all but also had the title of Vietnamese BYOW called PHO 21....and all i can say it was delic!!! the grilled chicken and beef are yummy..and so is the tonkinoise soup (you can ask for them to make a seafood one even if it's not on the menu) and most of all the owner/waiter is the cutest and nicest guy you've ever met ready to do anything to make your evening more delightful. just letting you all know to try it..and i'd love to get your feedback on it. i'd like to give this little family place more exposure because i've tried a lot of our montreal BWOWs and this one is definitely up there. enjoy..and give me some feedback..for his sake!

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  1. Where is Pho 21? (More specifically - work takes me to the gay village - I'm a straight female of a certain age - most definitely LGBT positive but cute guys of the opposite persuasion and probably a generation younger would not influence my dining habits).

    More about the food?

    Why on earth would an LGBT oriented place be closed for Pride?

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      Restaurant Pho 21
      1454, rue Amherst, Montréal, QC H2L 3L3
      514 286-4334

    2. We tried Pho 21 last night and were extremely disapointed by the food. We started with fresh rolls, which were ok. Nothing special, nothing bad. I felt like the rest of the supper could go either way. My friend had crispy noodles with seafood. I thought that dish was atrocious. Although my friend didn't like it very much (he didn't finish it), he didn't think it was as bad as I did. I went for the pho (with a few pieces of grilled chicken - I think I counted 5); a surprisingly bland version of what I'm used to. The broth was very one-note, and lacked any depth. I also was not served the usual plate of bean sprout, lime and fresh herbs that are usually served with pho (none of the diners in the restaurant were either).
      I think Café Saigon, not too far from there (1280 St-André), is much better (and is also BYOW).

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        Wow ... that sounds awful. I walked by there the other day and I couldn't tell whether it was open or closed (or really where the door was). There was no menu posted and it looked ... weird somehow.

        I went to Pho de Maisonneuve around the corner instead and it was pretty good. (It's a funny little place ... you feel like you're eating in the owners' living room.)

      2. I went to Pho 21 once because another restaurant screwed up our reservation (on valentines day, with 8 people... imagine!). I don't remember anything particular, I think it was alright, but pretty sure Pho Viet is better. My bf thinks Pho Viet has small portio for the price, but since I'm not a big eater, never noticed that!