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Aug 8, 2007 05:45 PM

Bellingham eats?

Any suggestions for eating in Bellingham? Am planning a weekend trip for cross border shopping.. I like a variety of cuisines. Want good value for the dollar.

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  1. Take a detour and head down Chuckanut Drive - The best restaurants in the area are there - You can get more info at

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      "good value for the dollar" make sit tough to recommend, because it depends on what you like (value). Best value is probably the fish and chips out of the bus in fairhaven or Super Mario's truck... no kidding, both great. There are plenty of reviews at

    2. Our favorite place in B'ham is Flats Tapas in Fairhaven - great food, nice wine list and excellent service. We particularly like the yams bravas and the stuffed piquillo peppers.

      Other great places are Boundary Bay Brewery and La Fiamma Woodfired Pizza on Railroad Ave. Has anyone been to the new La Fiamma burger place yet?

      Agree on heading down Chuckanut as well, especially the Oyster Bar and the Oyster Creek Inn. They're not cheap, but beautiful food and views.

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        I go to belingham a lot and have really enjoyed the Pepper Sisters, more contemporary mexican food, in downtown area. They give this comlimentary fried bread that is excellent and they have good chalkboard specials. there is a couple of Burrito places that are excellent as well in downtown- Taco Loco being the one I go to. The last time I was there I had lunch at "Big Fat Fish Co" and it was not worth it! But the Boundry Bay Brewing Co. is extremely cheap and good values as well and its across from the Farmer's market! They have burgers, great soups and salads, fish tacos, ect. all under 10 bucks.

        1. re: Meghan

          Yeah, Big Fat Fish Co. isn't really bad, but it is pretty boring. Their cocktails are fine, though.

        2. re: Freida

          I've been to the new La Fiamma Burger a few times. The place is pretty cool, and food was fast. As for the burger, I'm not gonna say it's the best I've ever tried, but it's definitely much better than fast-food burgers or even Bob's burger. They use a lot of natural and local ingredients. The french fries are very good, but don't try the Fiama dog. It's nothing exciting.