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Aug 8, 2007 05:44 PM

Blue Smoke or Hill Country??

I want to try some great BBQ and these are the two I am looking at. I know Hill Country is really new and Blue Smoke has a great rep. Which is better? I really would love some great beef ribs and I know Blue Smoke has the sampler. On the other hand I know Hill Country specializes in beef because they are from Texas style BBQ. Also how does Hill Country work? I've seen pics and it looks like you can chose many different kinds of meat and they just plop it on a piece of paper.

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  1. Hill Country is much better than Blue Smoke in terms of quality, although maybe not service.
    Hill Country is set up in stations. You get a ticket when you enter, and then it is stamped at each station--beverages, sides/desserts, meat. The meat you order by the lb. (or 1/2 lb.) and then it is served to you on paper along with a piece of white bread.

    1. Either is fun. Hill Country is a more casual hang out place, Blue Smoke is more of a restaurant/waiter service place. Might want to go to Blue Smoke if it's not crowded and wait a few weeks until things slow a bit at Hill Country.

      1. I don't like the bbq at blue smoke much. Their sandwiches on the other hand...Never ate at hill country.

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          1. The side selection at Hill Country is pretty good actually. I really thought the corn pudding is better than any side dish they have at Blue Smoke. I also think that the Mac and Cheese is great at Hill Country as it has a sharper taste than Blue Smoke (I believe they use a combination of cheeses including gruyere)

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              I like the corn pudding at Hill Country too. I wasn't a fan of the mac&cheese, tho. Hush puppies at Blue Smoke are definitely worth a try as a side.

          2. Blue Smoke has lost its charm and has priced itself out. It was the start of good BBQ in NYC but hasent kept up. Hill Country is good but I am hard pressed to see if it will last 1 year. Too complicated to handle a NY croud. Bar too small to wait at but other than that It is GOOD Texas Q. No pork but the brisket is done very well. Sides a little overpriced for the portion but still good. If I have the time Dino is still the best. If you remember Pearsons you know what I mean