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Aug 8, 2007 05:40 PM

Taco Catering--Milwaukee

I'm helping to organize a family reunion (~100 pax) in Milwaukee. I am originally from there, but live in the LA area now. One thing here that is great for parties is taco catering...a lady comes to your house with a propane flattop and makes carne asada, etc and provides all the taco fixins. Does anyone know of such a thing in Milwaukee? I'm not too sure services like this would have a website or something, so I'm at a loss as to where to start.
The other local organizers wouldn't probably know either.

If you have any other ideas/suggestions on catering, I'd love to know.

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  1. I have never been to a party like this in Milwaukee (it sounds GREAT!). But I think you could probably get information on the type of thing you are looking for by contacting either Mercado El Rey or Taqueria Jalisco. They seem to be the largest Mexican food concerns in the area, and should be able to help you.

    El Rey Markets
    916 S Caesar E Chavez Drive (16th Street)
    Milwaukee (superstore), Wisconsin
    (414) 643-1640
    (I'm sure they have a website, but I have not been able to find it)

    Taqueria Jalisco Restaurant
    1035 S Cesar E Chavez Dr
    Milwaukee, WI 53204
    414) 672-7070

    1. I, too, have been unable to find El Rey's website, but I agree that you should give them a call. I've eaten from their 'deli' any number of times, and the food is good.

      1. Milwaukee has such an abundance of Mexican restaurants, I bet you could call any one of them and they would refer you to someone that does . We have been to parties that have been catered by Jalisco's and Botanas, and both were very good.

        1. Thanks for all the input everyone! I was thinking El Rey was the place to go...there's probably a bulletin board with contacts. I'll have to send my sister over there to check it out. My other idea was to just get their carne asada and cook it ourselves, but I am trying to come up with things that don't require someone to have to man the grill.
          The majority will probably vote for brats and burgers anyway! =)
          One weird aside....the El Rey on Burnham St. used to be a National T that my mom used to shop at....then a Sentry where I used to shop at back in the day.

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            I used to LOVE to go to Shorty's on 13th or so, then they changed to catering only.

            2079 S 13th St
            Milwaukee, WI 53204
            (414) 645-2882

            1. re: Nezrite

              Ball'N Biscuit do great authentic Mexican.