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Aug 8, 2007 05:34 PM

Key limes??? Nelly and joes????

Are the Mexican "key limes and the real Florida key limes that different? Have you ever seen the Florida ones for sale in the Bay area? Also does Nelly and Joes Juice really taste like the real thing??? thanks guys!

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  1. They're different enough. As far as I know, Florida doesn't grow enough key limes that anyone would bother to ship them here.

    I have bought Nelly and Joe's here, and it's good. I'd use it for key lime pie over Mexican limes, but freshness wins out for limeade. (You could also try melting the lime popsicles from Trader Joe's :)

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    1. re: Windy

      I like to use the lime popsicles from TJ's as flavored ice cubes: I break them into chunks inside the wrapper and put a chunk or two in a tall glass of ice water.

      For limeade, I've been drinking Simply Lime, which isn't overly sweet and doesn't have the weird taste some limeades have. Also, the limeade I've seen at the Grand Lake and Temescal farmers' markets is excellent.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        TJ's does something right with citrus. Their frozen lemonade concentrate for $1 tastes better than most fresh lemonade, and you can adjust the sweetness by diluting it a little more. Will keep an eye out for Simply Lime.

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I love Simply juices. Besides the lime, they do an awesome job with their taste like fresh squeezed.

        2. re: Windy

          I've never had a Key lime - like most people since the commercial orchards were apparently wiped out in some or another hurricane in the 30s though I guess someone must grow enough to bottle the juice (I think it purports to be grown in the Keys, no?). Nelly & Joe's is OK for bottled juice but to my mind, bottled citrus never, ever rivals the real thing, and Mexican limes are better than regular/Persian limes (though some might prefer the more familiar flavor I guess.)

          FWIW, Trader Joe's here in NYC seems somehow always to have what they call Key limes (they look like the Mexican limes I've seen in LA) even when no one else does, at a good price.

        3. There's one other brand that I know of- Mrs. Biddle's Key Lime juice. Essentially identical to Nellie & Joe's. Currently I have both. I use it a lot when I need just a bit of lime, and when limes are either very expensive or contain no juice. The bottled key lime juice is pretty good, and really fills in the seasonal gaps when my lime juice cubes are used up.
          I'm in Florida, and even when we have fresh key limes, a little bag is $3.50. I don't bake pies so my needs don't call for the genuine article.
          I'm not familiar with mexican key limes.

          1. Florida key limes are really acidic and Mexican Key limes have the perfect balance between acidic and sweet.
            Mexican Key lime are wich are normally called in Mexico Limon, so that means Mexican Key lime is the Lime (limon) that they always use for cooking.....They will never use Lemon (lima in spanish).
            As the famous Peruvian lime (limon) is perfect to make ceviche.\\\\\