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Aug 8, 2007 04:50 PM

4 nights/5 days in City of Ventura

I'm going to be in the City of Ventura on business in September (traveling from extreme Northern CA). What's relaxing, good and casual for a woman dining alone - I'm happy with any cuisine... Also, how long does it usually take to drive from City of Ventura to Santa Barbara? If reasonable (not too much traffic) I might choose to dine there for dinner. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Aloha Steakhouse, just off the pier, next to the Crowne Plaza. Good for steak, seafood, prime rib, etc., and a view of the ocean. Try either the volcano cake or the hula pie for dessert.

    Santa Barbara's about 45 minutes up the 101, but the timing is kind of unpredictable as the traffic can be unreal.

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      Thanks! I'll may try heading up to SB one night or since I'm flying in and out of SB, I might just aim to cut out of my class early on Friday...

    2. I can relate, I happen to be a "causual woman" when I'm in that neck of the woods, I can understand that if you're a "Chow Gal" you want to dine without the pretense and with out the creepy vultures lurking around but good food no hassle.
      Hmm, let's see...
      Hungry Cat just opened one of their places up in Santa Barbara.
      There's also Wine Cask/Intermezzo.
      and there's Brooks...
      I was supposed to go to a winemakers dinner there last night but I've gotten a horrible cold so I couldn't go...I haven't been there yet but my friend highly recommends it and he dines solo quite a bit too.
      In Ventura:
      Whenever I've gotten a craving for real food after getting off the Islands (Camping on Santa Rosa, San Miguel, Santa Cruz Islands off the coast of Ventura Harbor), I head to this odd Thai/Peruvian place in Ventura...I'm a gal, sit alone, read a book, the food is good, lots of yummy beers (oh, you'll be working) really interesting curries and all kind of other things...I'll try to remember it...if you go to Really Cheap Sports and ask the people about the Thai/Peruvian place, they'll point you in the right direction.
      I'll check back when I remember the name of the place.

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        Thanks for the reply. Brooks looks fun. I'm deciding what to order as we speak. Funny about the Thai/Peruvian place. I saw it on another website and immediately discounted it because I have a thing about places that combine cuisine. I'll have to retrace my steps and figure out which webpage I saw it on. Anyway, Thanks! (and even though I'm taking a class for work during the day I might need some beer at night!)

      2. Winchester's Grill & Saloon

        632 E Main St, Ventura

        Not to bad if you want some red meat.

        Should be fine for a single women.
        It is nicer than its name may imply.

        You can eat at the bar, which will probably have a women bartender.

        Try the tri tip.

        Lots of cold beers here too!

        here is the info of the thai and peruvian place:

        Thai & Peru Restaurant

        583 E Main St
        Ventura, CA 93001
        (805) 643-0583

        1. there's also this great european style bakery cafe place called savory bakery i think which i didn't eat at, but went to go buy a couple of baked goods while i left my bf sitting at the place we were eating across the street (i had wanted to eat there instead after reading about it here and asking a local). i glanced at their menu and they had nice salads and sandwiches, and the baked goods i got were yummy indeed. it's on main street on a corner, and seems like it'd suit your needs. have fun!

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            This thread is great -- I too am going to be in Ventura for business in September (next week actually) and I'm a single woman looking for some good places to eat in the area (I'll have a car too). I'm coming from North Carolina, but I lived in LA for a couple years and have family in Southern California, so it's not totally foreign to me. I've only been to Ventura once, however, and it was only to the beach. Don't know the town or the pier at all.

            Anyway, I'm interested in this bakery, because I'm always trying to find excellent bakeries -- and there really aren't any around me. At least not for cookies, which is what I'm always looking for. Or scones. What type of bakery is this -- bread, cookies, cakes? I'm sure it does multiple things, but, IMO, bakeries are usually best at a certain area of baking.

            If there are any places in or around Ventura with awesome cookies and/or scones, I'd love to hear about them. Oh, and another question -- any Whole Foods in the area sell Carol's Cookies? They're made in Chicago, but a fellow cookie loving friend of mine was informed by her sister that they are now selling them in her Seattle Whole Foods, so I'm hoping they've made it to many places in California too!

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                The closest Whole Foods is in Thousand Oaks, about 25 miles south. I don't know about the Carol's Cookies situation there, but OMG they are tasty, aren't they?

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                  The Savory Bakery isn't very good IMO, at least what we ordered wasn't. However, the Royal Bakery on Telephone has great pastries and lunches. Le Petit Cafe at the Ventura Harbor also offers French-styled pastries and a really fun, French menu. Sadly Ventura's best bakery -- the Anacapa Bread Co. closed suddenly a few months back and nothing has taken its place. There is a teeny bakery next to Tipps Thai in downtown Ventura, I forget the name, and they have some decent cookies. The closest Whole Foods, sadly, is in Thousand Oaks more than 30 miles away.

              2. The original comment has been removed