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Aug 8, 2007 04:35 PM

best fast food(ish) veggie burger?

i'm talkin about places like fat buger, johnny rockets, red robin, the habit, fudruckers, etc..??

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  1. the reason I ask is because I just stoped eating meat, and I loved burgers. so far I tried the veggie burger at red robin, the habit and jhonny rockets. johnny rockets wasnt so good, but the habit and red robins were great

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    1. re: AdamFoodie

      I like the veggie burger at Good Stuff. I always choose it over their meat versions, even though I'm more of a meat-eater.

      What are you looking for in a veggie burger, though?

      1. re: AdamFoodie

        Although not fast food, an amazing veggie burger can be found at the Alcove in Los Feliz.

        I've been meat-free for 9 years and they have the best veggie burger I've ever had.

        1. re: AdamFoodie

          If you get to the south bay try the spot (Hermosa) or the green temple(Redondo). Those are my favorite veggie burgers ever. Both have take out, and a burger will run you about $9. I have a family of meat eaters, but they all love these veggie burgers. You can make Red Robin burgers at home since they are made with gardenburger or bocca burger. For at home burgers I prefer Amy's "Chicago style" which is available at whole foods. The texture and flavor of the spot and green temple burgers are in a category of their own though. Not the typical hockey puck variety.

        2. I keep hearing about the amazing veggie burger at Houston's that I have yet to try. And to boot, they have shoestring fries!

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            I like Johnny Rockets Boca Burger-think it tastes like a hamburger but I have not had one in 30 plus years.
            Islands has a good veggie burger and you can get it with any of the toppings. Bluenami is very good and very naughty.
            IMO Houston's is too wet and too grainy (full of grain) and I think it's purple?
            I used to like McD's veggie burger but think it is discontinued

            1. re: Densible

              Funny, I thought the veggie burger at Islands was bland, and the spacey service made that a one-time experience.

              And, I love the Houston's veggie burger - beets is the ingredient that makes it purple.

              Neither place is really fast food though. I had a veggie burger at Good Stuff last week and it seemed to be just your standard Gardenburger-like oats/mushroom/mozzarella patty.

              1. re: Densible

                Just returned from Houston's and the veggie burger was pretty flavorless. The shoestring fries were dry and plain. And to boot, the tab after tip costed me $30 for two bitter coffees and a split (onto two plates... $5 fee) veggie burger.

                  1. re: a_and_w

                    ...which is just a Boca Burger.

                    1. re: Emme

                      LOL! I know, but they cook it well. When I was a vegetarian, I cooked a lot of boca burgers but never quite managed to replicate the overall taste of the veggie burger at Johnny Rockets.

                      That reminds me, I think Fat Burger uses Boca Burgers, too. Anyone tried their version?

                      1. re: a_and_w

                        Well, I tried Fatburger's veggie burger last night. It, too, was a Boca Burger, yet markedly inferior to the Johnny Rockets version. Fatburger's tasted mushy and not particularly meat-like. I also missed the fried onions they put on it at JR.

                        1. re: a_and_w

                          Well, after Fatburger's string of vegetarian-baiting ads, I'm not especially surprised.

              2. astro's

                will also suggest newsroom cafe (the one in santa monica is "fast")

                island's ironically enough

                m cafe de chaya

                less fast, lucky devil's, the counter, 26 beach, double dutch dinette, life on wilshire, gulfstream, and concur about houston's

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                1. re: Emme

                  Oh yes Double dutch is decent, especially with sweet potato fries and I have to try 26 beach. went to lunch there this week and had a salad, while everyone else had beef burgers which they said were great. expect veggie will be good too.
                  Astro's is great and they have head veggie burgers for ever. My husband I and I used to go there after clubbing years and years ago. Really good...

                  1. re: Emme

                    I really like the veggie burgers at Islands, and you can build 'em as you like 'em! They "crisp" the edges just perfectly!

                    I must add, however, that if I am ordering from a restaurant that has many other tasty choices (Houston's or M Cafe de Chaya or 26 Beach), I will usually opt for something my opinion counts only a little!

                  2. Farmer Boys on Alameda near 7th in downtown LA. Get the avocado veggie burger, good and cheap.

                    1. For a fast food veggie burger try sunny grill on venice near the bowling alley, the veggie burger delux is tastey. Avocado and grilled onions. It usually takes a while for them to get the order out but they do have a drive thru so it is convenient.